The Best Looking Weekend Duffel under $100?

A newish company might have found a flagship product.

Everlane Men’s Weekender – $95.00

Full disclosure:  I don’t know these Everlane people from Adam.  A style tip or two came in months ago when they launched, I signed up for their email list, and then… they fell off the ol’ radar.  They’re another membership-required type of retail club, and they specialize in “luxury essentials” for under $100.  More about them here from the San Francisco Chronicle.

They certainly don’t overreach when it comes to what they offer.  T-shirts, tote bags, belts, they were doing backpacks at one point… and now, these:

Looks like more than a home run.  Grand Slam potential here.  Canvas exterior with leather handles, metal feet, and a waterproof lining.  No extra shoulder strap, but Everlane designed the straps so they’re tall enough that you can slip your arm through and carry it comfortably over one shoulder.  2244 cubic inches of space.  So not tiny, but not huge either.  They were doing free shipping at $50, but… that looks like it just changed to “free shipping on 3 items or more.”  Hm.  Shipping is $4.95.

You don’t need an invite, and all you have to do to get in is hand over your email and a few basic pieces of info about yourself.  Pretty standard stuff.  Anyone have direct experience with them?  Your take on the weekender bag?  Is there a better looking option out there for under $100?  Leave it all below.