Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale for Men Picks

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Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale for Men – June 2012

It only happens twice a year.  And yes, scarcity can play a role in the level of desirableness (AKA: Abscence makes the heart grow fonder), but Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale for Men is a rare combination:  A wide variety of brands, deep discounts, and free shipping both ways.  Proof can be found below…

To Boot New York Firenze Wingtip – $199.90 ($325)

A more aerodynamic classic

Wingtips but none of those sawtooth/pinked edges or perforations.  Hm.  Out of the box for sure, but Made in Italy and super sleek.  Thoughts?  Too untraditional at retail but worth a look at just under $200?  The burnishing too much on the tan?  Made in Italy.  Rubber sole.


Wallin & Bros Linen/Cotton Speckled Sportcoat – $129.90 ($198)

Claims to be trim fit

There’s some potential here.  Would have loved to have seen it buttoned instead of unbuttoned and just draping there at the guy’s sides.  Description calls it “lightweight, trim-fitting”.  Sounds good so far.  Linen and cotton blend.


Calibrate Trim Fit Dress Shirt – $38.90 ($59.90)

Almost all cotton with a bit of stretch.

As true of a trim fit as most mass produced “Trim fit” shirts get.  Collar isn’t as substantial as some would like, but between the good slim fit and no chest pocket, this one has a lot going for it.  That, and there’s a serious lack of dress shirts on sale during this Half Yearly Sale.  Sizes are getting limited.  More here.  (Note that the “trim” fit calibrate shirts aren’t quite as tight as the “slim” fit calibrate shirts.  Those slim fits also come with a much smaller, modern collar.)


Brooks Brothers University Card Case – $17.90 ($28)

Striped and slim.

Now, a super-affordable way to change it up for the warmer weather.  Currency slot and two card slots.


Brooks Brothers Pebbled Card Case – $37.90 ($58)

Also available in black

And for those who’d rather not have that sporty stripe.  Nice pebbled texture on this one.


Calibrate Cotton or Wool Plaid Sport Coat – $159.90 ($245)

Odd that the cotton and wool are the same price.

Both in a “perfect with jeans” medium to lighter grey.  Will these continue the unfortunate too short in the tail trend calibrate blazers have been sporting lately?  Not sure.  But at least shipping both ways is free.


Converse Jack Purcell – $39.90 ($59.95)

Couple other colors also available.

Not a bad price at all for JPs, especially when you consider the free shipping both ways.  Looks to be a version that comes with a more relaxed canvas upper, but one that hasn’t been quite pre-roughed up.


Herschel Supply Co. “Walton” Duffel – $99.90 ($150)

All poly-canvas

Basic but not boring.  Decent sized at almost 2400 cubic inches.


Brooks Brothers Elbow Patch Slim OCBD – $49.90 ($79.50)

A white Oxford with rogue elbows.

Well that’s a bit goofy.  Allegedly a slimmer fit, even though it hangs off the model (doesn’t help that it’s untucked.)  If you’re layering, those plaid elbow patches would only make rare appearances…


Calibrate Trim Fit Cotton Blend V-Neck Sweater – $33.90 ($69.50)

Could be trimmer at the sides, but not bad.

There was some hemming and hawing, but in the end… it was kept.  And it’s holding up really well.  Quickly becoming an unexpected new favorites.  Full review (complete with both hemming and hawing) over here.


1901 Knit Ties in Blue with Pink, Blue, or Lilac Vs – $25.90 ($39.50)

Look ma, no squared tip.

Real relaxed, but can be easily dressed up.  A slimmer 2.25″ in width.  The in-house brand 1901 has a bunch of their knit ties on sale right now, including some mid-sized dots, bolder stripes, and thinner stripes.


Gordon Rush Kendall Slip On – $119.90 ($195)


Italian leather, perfect shape, and nothin’ else to get in the way.


Life after Denim Cotton Blazer – $84.90 ($128)

June? Probably not. October? Maybe...

It’d be hard to find a more casual blazer than this, and if it were fall, it’d be a lot more tempting.  Cotton, sorta chopped looking in the length, and a two-button front.  Color looks like it fell off a Carhartt jacket.


Calibrate Bird’s Eye, Lorenzo Uomo Argyle, Nordstrom Cushion Foot – $5.90

Free shipping on six dollar socks is nice.

All $5.90 a pair, all a cotton blend of some sort, and all just interesting enough without getting drunk on the interesting-sock-trend.  The Lorenzo Uomo pair are made in Italy.


Polo Ralph Lauren French Stripe Socks – $10.50 ($14)

Beware of falling houses.

Meanwhile, for those who’d like to channel their inner Wicked Witch of the East


Polo Ralph Laruen Telly Driver – $66.90 ($98.95)

A penny/driver hybrid

Nice.  RL’s Telly Driver for less than what RL will usually sell it for on sale, and since it’s through Nordstrom the shipping and returns are free.  It is a driver, so note the rubber on the back heel.


Torino Woven Stretch Canvas Belt – $56.90 ($85)

Made in the US. 6 colors available.

Not cheap, but they are made in the USA and seem to nail all the details.  Leather trimmed.


Allen Edmonds Clifton Lace-Up – $199.90 ($295)

Conservative and quality.

There just aren’t as many Allen Edmonds on sale this time around.  Cap toe Blucher in three colors:  The walnut and black shown, and a real deep burgundy.


John W. Nordstrom Trim Fit Dress Shirt – $52.90 ($79.50)

Like good sized collars? This one's not for you.

Notice the proportion of the collar compared to the rest of the shirt.  Not gonna look right if you like to go tieless, or, you’ve got a bigger noggin that would dwarf such a thing.  Kinda pricey even when still on sale.


Skagen Slim Black Dial – $55.83 through Amazon ($65.90/$110)

Sells for less through Bezos.

Slim, minimalist, and inexpensive.  Even more so if you order through Amazon.


Cole Haan “Paul” Suede Chukka – $129.90 ($198)

Red shoes that aren't "HEY LOOK RED SHOES"

The bright shoes thing can get a little crazy a little quick, but a deeper, richer version of an otherwise retina burning color can be a real good way to go.  Instead of fire engine red, you get burgundy.  Not bad.  Navy and grey also available.


Dekko Mode Cotton/Linen “Modern” Blazer – $199.90 ($295)

Trim fit, clean looking lines, fabric could be great.

Has some potential, but it better at almost two hundred bucks.  Fabric shows its linen up close.


BOSS Black Jam/Sharp Navy – $499.90 ($795) | Z Zegna Plaid – $899.90 ($1,400)

Both on sale, both steep in different ways.

And here’s the problem with the suits in this sale.  They’re either right around $500, which is up above an extremely well reviewed/appreciated entry level SuitSupply Suit, or they’re so far up there even on sale they’re still out of reach.

Thoughts on this one?  Good?  A little disappointing?  Better than the one last winter?  Leave it all below.