Macy’s One Day Sale Picks, June 15 – 16

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Macy’s One Day Sale Picks – June 15 – 16, 2012

As always, it’s incredibly tough to peg when Macy’s will launch a One Day Sale.  Sometimes a month and a half will go by between them, sometimes only a few weeks will pass.  One thing is certain: These are usually sales worth paying attention to.  The one-day sale prices are some of the best mark downs in the retail industry.  Here’s some of the best from the One-Day-Sale which runs Fri. June 15 – Sat. June 16.  Items marked with a * are “Web Busters.”  In store prices may or may not match up.  Selection on all items (especially shoes) in store can vary greatly.

Timex Intelligent Quartz Fly-back Chrono – $111.37 ($165)

A rare price on this one.

An unusually good price on this particular model, especially when you consider it can be had at Macy’s.  Macy’s just doesn’t usually have the lowest prices on watches, but this is extremely good for this Timex.  Doesn’t have the same color scheme on the dial as the tan band version, but if you really want a tan band on there, it might look half-way decent.  Ships free since it’s over $99.


INC Frankfort Linen/Cotton Blazer & Matching Pant – $129.98* ($179)

Here's to hoping the linen isn't paper thin

The all white linen suit isn’t the easiest thing to pull off, but if you live in an especially steamy climate, and you’ve got the confidence, why not?  This is a new arrival, and hasn’t been seen in person yet.  The price is awfully good, and INC has had some success in the past with cheap linen, but it’s not a sure thing.  Ships free if you get the set.


Kenneth Cole Cap Toe Oxford – $110.99 ($198)

Pretty classic.

Keeping it in perspective: You could do a lot worse for $111 shipped.  One of those shoe shapes you wish Kenneth Cole would make more of.  Was pushing $200.  More looks over at Kenneth Cole’s website.


Gold Toe Dress Socks 4-Pack – $9.99* ($20)

Thrilling, thrilling socks.

A free shipping code tipper if you’re close.  Socks aren’t usually web busters thanks to the shipping costs involved.  Use em’ to get free shipping with another purchase if you’re close.


Bar III Extra Slim Fit Charcoal Suit Separates – $259.98 ($550)

Good look, real good price... your move Nordstrom?

Bar III is doing suit separates now huh?  They’re a Macy’s house brand, but their cuts are the most modern and the quality seems to be close to if not the best of what they offer.  So $260 seems like a good bet.  Labeled as “Extra Slim”.  Tons of sizes.  Even 36R for those of you with slighter frames.


Florsheim Veblen Longwing – $94.99 ($170)

Rust and Gray also available.

Macy’s might end up making a strong case for being the better of the two big sales that launched today. Veblen’s don’t drop this low.  Three colors available, but despite the gray being labeled as “Suede”, the pics seem to show smooth leather?


Marc New York French Cuff Textured Dress Shirt – $42.99 ($79.50)

A new slim fit french cuff option

Here we go.  The reasonable french-cuff slim fit shirt well had gone dry for awhile there.  Has a bit of a texture to the fabric.  Doesn’t say anything about it being a fabric blend.  Lots of sizes.


Kenneth Cole New York Wool Tux – $239.99 ($695)

One of the inexpensive arguments against renting.

Ignore that almost $700 retail price tag.  $240 seems pretty fair though.  And KCNY jackets usually have less severe shoulders than Hilfiger Slim Fits, so if you want an inexpensive tux you can have tailored to your exact specs, then this might be a good one to go with.  Notch lapel, and not the traditional peaks.


Puma Whirlwind Classic – $45.99($62)

Channeling the 80s.

For when you want to give your PF Flyers, Converse, or Superga a rest.  Bit on the squishier side in the sole too.

The current Macy’s One Day Sale ends Saturday 6/16.