The Best Cheap Good Looking Furniture – Cost Plus

The Best Cheap Good Looking Furniture – Cost Plus

Cost Plus World Market Furniture SALE

Forget IKEA for a moment.  I know a lot of people swear by that Sweedish furniture store and their famously difficult to assemble stuff.  But Cost Plus World Market might be the best kept secret in affordable furniture, and a ton of their stuff just went on sale.

It’s inexpensive, most of it looks terrific, and you don’t need an engineering degree to assemble it.  When my wife and I moved in together, just one piece of my furniture made the cut.  It was a bar & liquor cabinet from Cost Plus.  My old futon, metal desk, & crappy chairs all got rightfully booted to the thrift store.  Over the last few years we’ve purchased our living room couch, chair, a leather chair for our office, and a few bookshelves from Cost Plus.  None of it has disappointed.  It’s a step above Target quality, and 50 steps below Pottery Barn’s price point.  Take a look at some of their best stuff that just got discounted:

Note:  You’re going to want to buy these in store if you can due to the understandably steep shipping charges.

Cost Plus Morgan Living Room Couch – $449.99 ($600) | Matching Chair – $249.99 ($350)

Available in two lighter shades as well.

$700 and you can upgrade your living room seating.  The Morgan Collection is the Cost Plus standard living room line.  It’s pretty durable, requires little to no assembly (with ours you just had to screw the feet on) and it’s comfortable.  A great foundation for your place.

Hawthorne Bi-Cast Chair – $299.99 ($399) | Belvedere Bonded Chair – $189.99 ($250)

The Hawthorne is incredible for the price.

Y’know our theory about standing out quietly?  A gigantic, heaving, overstuffed leather sofa ain’t real subtle.  Consider a neutral couch and chair option like the Morgan, then use one of these as an accent.  The Hawthorne sits in the Dappered home offices.  I love the thing.  The Belvedere is a lighter shade, not quite as cool of a shape, but more affordable.  Leather aficionados will turn their noses up at the mainly vinyl bi-cast/bonded leather construction.  So what.  They’re both under $300, and they look and feel great.  I’ve had zero problems with mine.

Avery Bi-Cast Sofa – $699.99 (reg. $800)

Looks great, but will it hold up to constant use?

If you just gotta have a leather sofa, this two cushion toned down synthetic version is a perfect pick.  Retro silhouette (notice the lack of huge padded armrests) and a great color.  Made of Bi-Cast leather so it’s more or less the stuff that would have been tossed, mushed up together, and coated over with polyurethane.  Think of it as the Particleboard of the leather industry.  It won’t be nearly as durable as the real deal, and unlike a chair, your couch sees much more work.  So it’s a risk.  But if you’re on a budget… might be worth a look.

Casa Sliding Top Storage Coffee Table – $229.99 (reg. $300)

On + In = Multipurpose!

Along with putting stuff on it, you can put stuff in it.  It’s an idea that’s certainly catching on.  Looks great too.  A little expensive for a coffee table, but… again, you can store some things inside as well.

Preston 12-Bottle Wine Bar – $89.99 (reg. $179.99)

Just enough space for the wine fans.

Not a full blown bar by any means, but a real nice smaller piece for the guys who need a bit of wine storage.  Two drawers with a slick tray top, and room for a dozen bottles underneath.  Great price too.

Verona Full Expandable Bar – $449.99 (reg. $500)

Your one stop booze storage facility.

Expensive, but has it all.  Storage room for 21 wine bottles, liquor, glassware, and anything else you need to host a party.  Table top extends out for more space to set glasses on, folds and closes up when not in use.

Metal Scroll Coat Rack & Umbrella Stand – $71.99 (reg. $80)

Beats the behind the door pegs anyday.

Because there’s just something about coming home, hanging your coat  up on this thing, then making yourself a quick drink and settling into the Hawthorne chair.

Again, check in store first if you’re lucky enough to have a Cost Plus nearby.  The over sized shipping charges can range from $10 to as much as $125.  Ouch.