How to sell an item for Career Gear on ebay

All right, so you’re old school.  Totally understand.  So how the hell do you donate to Career Gear, or any charity for that matter, when selling on ebay?  Here’s how:

While you’re creating your listing, look for the “eBay Giving Works” section towards the bottom, underneath where you set the starting price. Then…

  1. Click on “select another non profit you love
  2. Put “Career Gear” in the search box
  3. When Career Gear shows up, click “select” on the right hand side of the screen.
  4. Once you’re kicked back to where you’re creating your listing, select the % of the sale you’d like to donate.

    (NOTE: The small team of us here at Dappered kindly ask you strongly consider donating at least 50% of the sale.  Doesn’t have to be 100%.  We get that, and we want you to make a little somethin’ on this too, but let’s help Career Gear do some real good.)