First Reaction: Suitsupply’s Fall/Winter ’14 Preorder Line

Will you be tempted by any of it?

Suitsupply Fall/Winter 2014 Pre-Order now live

When first viewing Suitsupply’s Fall/Winter 2014 line, two words are going to come to mind for perhaps more than just a few of us:

  1. Odd
  2. Expensive

Based on looks, when it comes to styling, Suitsupply isn’t Brooks Brothers. When it comes to price, they’re not J. Crew Factory. Everybody gets that. But you’d think they’d throw a couple not too crazy looking/not too painfully priced items into the mix…

There’s just one wool suit under $500 (a very blue, striped Lazio fit). There’s lots of bold checks, plaids, and high contrast houndstooth this season. And there’s an oddly high number of “Havana” fit suits this time, with their signature patch-pocket jackets and shorter tails.

Suitsupply Pre-order Selections -

A cross section of the fall/winter ’14 line. Lots of patterns. Lots of cash too.

There are a couple of nice looking navy blazers (especially that Hudson fit), but they’re steep in price. For outerwear, they’re leaning heavily on double breasted, and big noticeable texture.

Maybe they shoot for the moon with this pre-order stuff, and more subtle selections show up later? But for now, it looks like Suitsupply is continuing to try and perpetuate the feeling that they’re “different” than other retailers. And not just when it comes to making a slim fitting half-canvas suit for around $400 – $500.

Suitsupply Coat textures -

Can texture be “loud”? The fabric on Suitsupply’s new brown & grey DB coats.

Thoughts from you guys? Are the new offerings from Suitsupply a little too strange for you? Or are you wanting to stand out a bit more this fall & winter? Meanwhile, guessing most are going to be drawn to the light brown single breasted topcoat, the outstanding looking (and pricey) Hudson Blazer, and maybe the Havana check in “soft tweed”?