JC Penney Friends & Family Sale: The Top 10 Picks

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JCPFRNDS = 25% off Almost Everything at JC Penney

^Note^ no vowels in that there code. So don’t accidentally spell friends, ‘yknow, correctly. Heading in store? You’ll need yourself the coupon. Here it is. Offer expires today, 8/12/14.

JC Penney is notorious for having fluctuating, and often wildly inflated prices. Their in-house stuff is usually marked down by 50% off (aside from shoes), 90% of the time. Add on top of that the fact that they run 20% off codes, say, 85% off the time. So those “retail” prices mean about as much as a wallet full of Zimbabwe dollars. Keep that in mind when you see the ($price) below.

That said, a 25% off code isn’t the norm. There are very, very few exclusions on this one, so basics like Levi’s and Dockers are getting a nice, honest cut. Plus, a lot of their in-house brands are stuck at half off, if not more. Many thanks to Brandon D. for sending in the style tip about this one.


Stafford Camel Hair Sportcoat – $74.99

JCP Camel Hair Blazer on Dappered.com

From last year’s collection. Still seems like there’s a good amount of sizes and colors available online too. Fit is surprisingly nice even though it says “classic” fit. Size shown is a 38R on a 5’10” / 175 lb frame. Fabric is nice and soft. It’s a little stiff in terms of movement, but for the price? Sleeves are nice and trim, button stance is perfect. Was sitting at $99 before other codes. Looking for something more lightweight? There’s a JOE by Joseph Abboud herringbone wool sportcoat in navy going for the same price. Lots of sizes available for that one too.


Stafford Cotton Suit Jacket & Matching Pant – $74.99 total

Stafford Cotton Suit Separates on Dappered.com

Yes, they’re lined in polyester, but… good grief. That price. If the fit is decently close to how it looks online, then it could be a very nice pickup at seventy five bucks. Might even be able to wear each piece separately.


Levi’s Tumbled Rigid 505 Regular Fit – $32.24 or 514 Straight Fit- $29.99

Levis on Dappered.com

There are plenty of other fits on sale too, but these two come in the awfully versatile dark-denim “tumbled rigid” shade, and they’re two fits that aren’t enormous, but aren’t skinny either. 514s are noticeably trimmer than 505s. In fact, back when the skinny-jeans arms (legs?) race was just getting started, 514s used to actually be called slim straight. Under $30 (or right around $30) is a better than good price for Levi’s in the tumbled rigid shade. Certainly worth dropping in-store if you’re in need, or, having them ship your size to a store if you can’t make it in today.


Dockers 5-Pocket Straight fit pants – $26.24 ($34.99)

Dockers 5 pockets on Dappered.com

Fair to assume these’ll be a step above, say, a pair of Target 5-pockets, but still well within the very-affordable price range? Four different colors including the ready-for-fall “Crested Butte” (that would be that mustardy color pair).


Stafford Logan Wingtip Blucher – $44.99 ($59.99)

Stafford Logan Winger on Dappered.com

The Camlin’s leather is back, now in derby/blucher lace-up form. Consider sizing down at LEAST half a size. Full review over here. These are one of the few house-brand items that JC Penney doesn’t drastically mark down (or, pre-mark “up” just to mark down).


Claiborne Contrast-Collar Topcoat/Chesterfield – $93.75

Claiborne Chesterfield on Dappered.com

Yep. The coat that spurned that oddly encouraging & quite helpful 2-star review. Contrast back on the collar gives it the chesterfield look. Meanwhile, from Eric in the comments over here, “I picked up that Chesterfield last Fall, knowing that I very rarely ever need a topcoat. Great fit off the rack.” 


Claiborne Sharkskin Suit Separates – $104.99

Claiborne Sharkskin on Dappered.com

Dirt friggin’ cheap just got dirt friggin’er cheaper. Or… something. Fit is a touch generous for the normally slim & trim Claiborne brand, so consider sizing down. All wool shell has a nice texture to it. Lined in acetate instead of scratchy polyester. Jackets (but not pants?) are all but sold out online, so you’ll have to seek out/reserve this sucker in store.


Clairborne Charcoal Suit Jacket & Pant – $104.99 

Claiborne Charcoal Suit on Dappered.com

“A classic look in charcoal wool gives you a suit jacket that is a masterful mix of retro patterns and modern outlook. “  Not so sure what that means precisely, but if these are just this season’s version of this Claiborne charcoal wool suit from last year, then I’m all for it. Masterful mix of retro patterns (on a solid suit) for all! Gotta love how the pants say they’re polyester. And that’d be consistent with last year’s suit (pants were wool, but description said they were poly). So, they’re consistently inconsistent… WITH MASTERFUL MIXING OF RETRO PATTERNS AND MODERN OUTLOOK AW YEAH.


Stafford Prep® Redford Coated Cotton Jacket – $41.24 ($144)

Stafford Prep Coated Cotton Jacket on Dappered.com

Holy crap. Remember “Stafford Prep?” Had to dig pretty deep into their site for this one. Was buried down far enough that I’m pretty sure Grendel was checking out the clearance racks. Resin-coated finish. Available in any color you want, as long as it’s black.


Claiborne Chambray Button Up Shirt – $18.74

Claiborne Chambray Button Up on Dappered.com

Claiborne is one of the few remaining brands that survived more or less unchanged from the Johnson/Wooster era. And a lightweight chambray shirt can be pretty versatile. Worth a look if you happen across it in store, or, need something to tip a free shipping balance.


The exemplification of why Ron Johnston/Wooster Failed: Pleated Denim – $27.74

Pleated denim for the love of all things good and holy

377 reviews. 4.5/5 stars. Be nice now.

This extra 25% off JC Penney Friends & Family code JCPFRNDS expires today, 8/12/14.