Clooney vs. Pitt, Uma vs. Apes, & Ticketing Dinner.

Plus Sharks, Shark Week, and SPARKLES!

BRO’S POSE: Yes, this is spectacular.

jorgeybrad(thank you)

WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE: If you would like to keep track of the nastiest disease outbreaks around the world, this should be your first stop. Here’s an example of the spread of my worst nightmare ever.

EVEN IF YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE: It would seem that I will need to adjust my sleeping schedule to make up for what I am not getting. Bummer.

SO, SCOTLAND, ABOUT THOSE MASCOTS…Earlier this summer, a Dappered contributor (thanks Chris!) brought our attention to the unique mascot Scotland brought to the Commonwealth Games. And now I learn about this tragic tale.


2001- A Space Odyssey(thank you) 

CELEBRITY WTF OF THE WEEK: Really? You’re siding with that guy? Really? I’m trying to see the metrics in this. Why this is going to be good for you. Also, jimmy jilikers: is your hair ever not horrible?

PRIX FIXE DOT COM: Now that I think about it, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. 

H8TERS GONNA H8: I have no problem admitting that I like this guy.


uma(thank you)

THE MAIN EVENT: I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed learning this. I won’t even guestimate.

P-REDDIT-ARY: If I wasn’t so damn lazy this would be a terrific opportunity to create a Venn diagram for this link. Because you know exactly how it would play out. With fur.

WARNING: If geopolitical science makes you yawn, then by all means do not go here. Because I hadn’t heard about any of this.

ONE OF MY STYLE HEROES: Steve McQueen, 1966.

steve mqueen(thank you)

MY LITTLE BRONY: I have absolutely no way of relating to this, but I am strangely fascinated by the whole thing.

BULLSHARK: I admit when Shark Week first started, it was kind of cool. But it has evolved into something else entirely. 

WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE AGAIN: Did someone say shark?


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