Style Scenario: The Late Afternoon/Evening Summer Wedding

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Some summer weddings take place in blazing mid-day sun, where a groomsman is sure to pass out (don’t lock your knees!). But then there are the merciful, and quite enjoyable, summer weddings held in the early evening. The ceremony is in the fading light, dinner is at dusk, and the dancing starts at twilight. Those are the best. But once the sun sets, a super light-in-color suit could leave you looking… iridescent? This is a great time to use a summer suit made from a darker shade of fabric. Top Photo: J. Holman Webster

Style Scenario Summer Evening Wedding by


The Suit: J. Crew Ludlow Seersucker Jacket & Pant – $319.20 w/ JULY ($456). This is the perfect opportunity to break out a summer suit in a darker-than normal shade. Bonobos had their navy seersucker suit on sale yesterday, and now these Japanese seersucker separates get the cut from J. Crew. Pants available in standard or slim. Perfect for transitioning into the evening while remaining airy. Code JULY is good for 30% off select summer items, and expires today (7/2).

The Shirt: John W. Nordstrom Trim Fit Dress Shirt – $49.90 ($79.50). High quality Egyptian cotton, a decently trim fit, and it doesn’t appear to be a non-iron. That’s good. Not all non-iron shirts feel stiff and scratchy, but even those that don’t might loose a little bit of breathe-ability due to the wrinkle-free treatment.

The Shoes: Massimo Dutti Brown Suede Loafers – $115 ($175). A polished brown oxford might look a little too dressy for a casual summer suit. Favor a derby, suede, both, or… a loafer. Feel free to sock-up if you’d like (especially in mosquito country… damn ankle biters).

The Tie (optional): TheTieBar Chambray Bow Tie – $15.00As muted as a bow-tie can get. Chambray is a workwear fabric. Fits perfectly in this dressed up but still relaxed outfit. Plus, the diamond tips keep it visually on the slim side. If bow ties ain’t your thing? There’s always the necktie. Or, just skip the tie all together and go open-collar.

The Pocket square (optional): The Tie Bar Pool Blue Madras – $8.00. Skip it if you’re wearing a bow tie. That’s a lot of attention grabbing accessories. But, it’s a nice addition if going open collar.

The Sunglasses: Persol Foldable PO 714 in 24/51 – $193 ($340). Frankly, just wear whatever non-sporty sunglasses ya got. BUT… if you’re a bit of a sunglasses nut, and you want something super easy to tuck in a jacket pocket when the sun goes down, it’s hard to beat Persol’s foldable sunglasses. There are uber-cheap foldable sunglasses out there, but the quality of Persol really is something else. Color 24/51 is fulfilled by Amazon at post time.

The Belt: Brooks Brothers Suede Striped Belt- $54.60 ($78). Anything but cheap, BUT… it’s a summer-styled belt (d-rings, suede, stripes) that can absolutely work year round.

The Watch: Orient Sympohny Automatic – $133.01 ($210). Usually $147 through Orient with their ever present 30% off codes. Cheaper through Amazon. As classic as it gets.

The Brow Wiper / Tear Dabber: Dockers Set of 9 Hankies (just grab one) – $12.99. Always good to have something (other than your pocket square) on hand to wipe some sweat away, as well as to offer Aunt Charlotte who’s just (sniff) so (sniff) happy for them.

The Moneyclip: Cole Haan Greenwich – $12.56. Skip the blinding metals. Get cash to tip the bartender (if there is one).

The Exit Strategy: Uber / Having a good cab company’s # on hand. How are you getting out of here? You the designated driver? Or is your date? Did you hitch a ride with another couple that wants to stay until the very last chair has been put away? Have a plan.