Style Scenario: Summer Drive or (shorter) Road Trip

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Maybe you’re headed somewhere to cool off for the weekend, or just taking your ride out to carve up some pavement (and if you’re doing that, be safe… don’t get dead. We need all the readers we can get.) Here’s one suggestion for an outfit that’ll keep you from turning into a sweaty, uncomfortable mess behind the wheel. Top Photo Credit

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The Shorts: Target Merona Seersucker Club Short – $12.48 ($24.99)It’s been said before, and it should be said again: Target’s “club” shorts are the best bang for the buck shorts out there, especially in the oxford cloth and seersucker options. Dark seersucker here, but very lightweight.

The Shirt: J. Crew Short Sleeve Oxford Popover – $38.70 w/ HOTOUT ($64.50). What you don’t want is a sweaty, itchy back that you’re always arch away from the swampy car seat as you rumble down the road. A lightweight, breathable, airy shirt is the goal. UNIQLO’s dry-fabric polos work, but this popover should do well too. It’s thinner, lighter oxford cloth. Not a super thick OCBD fabric you’d wear in the fall. That and they’re cut with a little extra (but not too much) room. And when it’s hot, that’s good. 40% off through today.

The Watch: Seiko Solar “Pilot” – $215.00It’s the well liked Solar Compass in an angrier paint job and on a sweat resistant band. Nice. 100m water resistance means you can swim with it on. Chrono helps keep track of travel time. Fullfilled by Amazon at post time.

The Belt: J. Crew Factory Double Blue Stripe Web Belt – $19.50A warm weather belt that doesn’t scream “I’m headed to a clambake on the cape.”

The Shoes: Mr. B’s for Aldo Suede Penny Loafers – $119.98 ($160). Hang on, lemme dig up some emails here: “ENOUGH WITH THE DRIVING LOAFERS ON THIS WEBSITE WHARRGARBL.” I hear ya. Fine. So, no drivers this time. I know, shocking. (Gotta keep you guys on your toes.) Mr. B’s are nice shoes. They’re solidly built from much better materials than what Aldo usually uses. Just make sure to scuff up those soles before working the pedals. You’ll want some traction.

The Sunglasses: Warby Paker Griffin – $95.00Speedy and polarized (and know that polarized + windshields is an annoying combo to some). Meanwhile, if you got another $50 to blow, or, if you’ve got $50 less to blow

The Bag: Everlane Canvas Weekender – $95.00. Great price, looks awesome, and just enough space if you’re driving somewhere for the weekend. More options here.

The music: BRING CDs. You never know when you’ll find yourself in a radio dead-zone. And a suggestion: Live recordings seem to work great on road trips. Recordings of concerts are 90% music + 10% audio book. They’re just more engaging. If you’re into AC/DC, check out the box set “Bonfire. Yeah, it comes with Back in Black, which has been beat to death by classic rock radio over the last, oh, 3+ decades, but it also comes with some outstanding extras. Specifically, a two disc, expanded version of the soundtrack to the 1980 concert film “Let There Be Rock“. AC/DC tearin’ it up in France. It. Is. Awesome. Also: James Brown & Johnny Cash work too.

The Extras: Sunscreen & Gas Station Snacks. Obligatory reminder about sunscreen. If you don’t use it, your window-side (arm, neck, & top of the thigh) will be burned to hell. Here’s why that “kids” sunscreen gets suggested. Meanwhile, we all have our favorite road trip snacks. Beefy jerky chased with a Starbucks double shot? Yes indeed, that’s one way to stop for gas.