Style Scenario: Day On The Lake

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. If you’re heading out for a day in the water, but want to be prepared for possible post-lake socializing, here’s a suggestion for an outfit that you can get wet, will dry quick, and will look good on a patio for post-swimming food and drinks.

Style Scenario: Day On The Lake by


The Swim Trunks: Mossimo Supply Co Men’s 10″ Hybrid Swim Shorts – $18 ($24.99)  Yes, these trunks are longer than most would prefer, BUT, the “hybrid” comes in with the lack of a drawstring, and the addition of a button closure at the waist and belt loops. If you feel the need to tuck in your shirt for post-swimming drinks, pack a belt and you’re set. You could even have them hemmed, but if they’re just too much short for you, try this 9″ navy option from Bonobos.

The Shirt: Old Navy Slim-Fit Button Down in White – $20.96 w/ BIGTIME  Consider wearing a short sleeve tee on the ride there, but also packing a casual long sleeve button down. There’s a two-fold benefit; 1) when you’re ready to, you can cover up a bit more from the sun, and 2) you have a white button down you can wear out afterward. Roll the sleeves up if you’d like, or, keep the cuffs unbuttoned for breath-ability.

The Watch: Orient Ray Automatic Diver Watch – $149.99 ($230)  You’re in water. You need a watch that can handle it on a strap that won’t absorb water. The Ray has a 200m water resistance rating and a band that’s more matte than flash. Price shown above is through Amazon.

The Belt: L.L.Bean Canvas D-ring Belt in Dark Loden – $24.95 Optional, but good to have if you’re going to tuck the shirt in post dip in the lake.

The Shoes: Clarks Neelix Vibe Chukka Sneaker – $64.95  Classic sneakers can be tough to get into with wet & sandy feet. So unless you want to go with flip flops or sandals, try something with less eyelets than a pair of converse (they’ll be easier to do the standing on one foot, rinse sand off in lake, put foot into shoe dance). The looks of a casual chukka in canvas sneaker form.

The Sunglasses: KW ‘Jazz’ 55mm Sunglasses – $10 For those who don’t want to risk losing their more expensive shades (even if they’re still relatively affordable) in the lake.

The Bag: Herschel Supply Co. Ravine Duffle – $64.99  A bag that will hold your towel, sunscreen, and reading material, and unlike a tote, has a zipper to keep the sand out.

The Entertainment: Spalding Football – $18.99 Swimming is fun. Chucking a football around in the water (or on the beach or from beach to water and vice versa) is a great way to get everyone involved. This extra physical activity will make your dinner at the end of the day even more satisfying.

The Beer: 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon  Check those public consumption laws first. Unlike a sickly sweet summer shandy, this one is more dry and refreshing. You will pick up a hint of watermelon, but the flavor is clean, not IHOP pancake syrup sticky. It’s refreshing, easy to drink, and a crowd pleaser. Plus the ABV is low enough that you can enjoy a couple without falling asleep in the sun and waking up with the most wicked sunburn of your life.