Quick <$100 Picks: Banana Republic 1/2 off select items sale

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Banana Republic: 50% off Select Items One Day Sale (7/30)

UPDATE: They extended it through 8/3. 

Who put a quarter in B.R.?

For what seemed like almost a year, they excluded all of their blazers from promotions, were sorta stingy with some codes (lots of 25% – 30% offers) and seemed to really pull back on discounting. Now, they’re tossing out promo emails every so often with “No Merchandise Exclusions!” specifically in the text, and running one-day half-off sales like this one.

Maybe it’s just clearance season. Who knows. Not an enormous selection, but plenty of good basics this time. And remember, it’ll ship free if it’s over $50. Returns are always free. Off we go…


Tailored Slim-Fit Non-Iron Cotton Dress Pant – $44.74 ($89.50)

BR Cotton Dress Pant on Dappered.com

An office appropriate trouser with the ease of care of cotton, instead of wool. Nah, it’s not gonna look like a wool trouser. But it should be polished enough for most, and should do quite well with a blazer. This is in their “tailored-slim” fit. And for pants, that doesn’t seem to be quite as slim as the “modern-slim” fit. Geeze. Wish they’d just go with something like extra-slim, slim, and not really all that slim or something like that.


Tailored Slim-Fit Non-Iron Charcoal Pinstripe Cotton Dress Pant – $44.75 ($89.50)

BR Tailored Slim Charcoal Pant on Dappered.com

And also in a micro pinstripe. Has that perma-crease down each leg, so more formal than a pair of washed chinos. Should do well as a business casual workhorse.


Tailored Slim-Fit Non-Iron Birdseye Shirt – $39.75 ($79.50)

BR Tailored Slim Birdseye Shirt on Dappered.com

Looks like a royal or pinpoint oxford? Just two colors on sale: the white and the light blue. Which, well… if you could pick any two colors to add into the closet (even if they’re backups/extras) then those would be the two.


Alexander Duffle – $75.00 ($150)

BR Alexander Duffle on Dappered.com

Saw this in store the other day and was pleasantly surprised. BR’s bags aren’t exactly known for being bullet proof. And while this one might not last a lifetime, it’s much more sturdy feeling that you’d expect. Navy canvas with brown leather (?) accents. 2100 cubic inches puts it on the small end of weekend-capable.


Slim-Fit Indigo Selvage Jean – $59.00 ($110)

BR Selvedge on Dappered.com

Weekend beaters for the denim-head crowd? Button fly. Says they’re raw. Specifies dry-clean only? Perhaps because they might be unsanforized and they don’t want their customers to shrink em’ up? Good reviews, some of which suggest sizing up.


Vintage Straight Grey Jean – $44.75 ($89.50)

Vintage Straight Grey Jean on Dappered.com

Meanwhile, one of the easiest colors to default to when trying to break a blue-habit is grey. Their vintage-straight fit is hard not to like as well. Trim, but not skinny on most frames.


Slim-Fit Soft-Wash Dot Button-Down Shirt – $32.25 ($64.50)

BR Slim Fit Dot Print Shirt on Dappered.com

Pattern experimentation without breaking the bank. BR’s “Slim Fit” casual shirts are only… sorta slim. They’re not enormous (unless you’re super lean), but if you like your stuff super tailored, these might need some extra work. But a print like this usually does better layered. So, you can hide some extra cloth if need be.


Tipped Elbow Patch Cardigan – $44.75 ($89.50)

BR Elbow Patch Cardigan on Dappered.com

The 69% Cotton, 20% Nylon, 11% Silk blend means it shouldn’t be too bulky in weight, but still feel nice and strong. Not some wimpy, about to fall apart all cotton cardigan from Target’s clearance rack. Faux suede elbow patches. Has a chance to be one of those rare cardigans that leans young, instead of old.


Slim-Fit Stretch Poplin – $26.99 ($59.50)

Slim-fit Stretch Poplin Dress Shirt in White on Dappered.com

“Just” a white shirt. Lighterweight poplin with a bit of stretch in the fabric. A real nice summer shirt for wearing under a lightweight suit jacket or blazer.


Italian Wool Tailored Slim Fit Suit Trouser – $75 ($150)

BR Wool Suit Trouser on Dappered.com

The pant from their very nice navy Italian Wool Suit. Too bad the jacket didn’t get the 50% cut (and the 40% off code they’re running excludes suit jackets…). $75 is no small price for a pair of pants, but the wool on these things is fantastic. Has a noticeable springiness to it.


B.R. Vintage Straight 5-Pocket Pant – $39.99 ($89.50)

BR Vintage Straight Fit on Dappered.com

Sizes in the light grey are starting to get short (or, in this case… generous). Much cheaper than Bonobos Travel jeans. 99% cotton, 1% spandex.  Five-pocket styling in a slim but not calf strangling cut. Good to wear now, plenty wearable in the fall.


Nautical Shawl-Collar Cardigan – $60.00 ($120)

BR Shawl Collar Cardigan on Dappered.com

Sonofagun. Remember wearing sweaters? Hell, layers? The first day it’s actually chilly after sunset, and you can stand at the window wearing this, sipping a pour of Flor de Cana while listening to…  Oh God. Oh no. It’s starting extra early this year. Dammit. Is Friday night too early to throw in The Great Pumpkin? … Rats.


Tailored-Fit Grey Herringbone Cotton Blazer – $109.00 ($225)

BR Herringbone Blazer on Dappered.com

Okay, not under a hundred bucks. But close, and it ships free. Fully lined, so it might have to sit on the bench until fall, but it’s a perfect color & pattern to wear with denim. A few warnings on BR’s blazers: armholes can be low, and sleeve buttons are almost always functional. But the tails aren’t chopped. Could be a nice addition for $110.


Cotton/Linen Fedora – $22.00 ($45)

BR Cotton Linen Fedora on Dappered.com

Anyone ever see The Adjustment Bureau? Worth renting?

This 50% off select items sale at BR’s website runs through today, 7/30/14.