JCP Ultra Cheap Suits, Chesterfields & More – The Thurs. Handful

As clearance season comes to a close...

Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend, or sometimes, a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Expect these things when necessary. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


JCP: $10 off $50, or $30 off $100 w/ SAVEMORE

JCP $10 and $30 off - part of The Thursday Handful on

Big hat tip to reader Adam for sending in the style tip here. Full review on the Logan can be found over this-a-way. Meanwhile, the Claiborne sharkskin suit separates cracked the top 10 affordable navy suits, and boy, they’re affordable. Meanwhile, that Chesterfield is gonna sit in the closet for a while. But… $95, Claiborne fit, and a contrast but not obnoxious back-collar? Also, the product page is home to quite possibly the most encouraging 2 star review ever. Forget Mudville… there was no joy in Lancaster, WI when that arrived. Ah well, nothin’ a butterburger at Culvers can’t solve. Waitaminute, you gotta hoof it all the way to Platteville to get a damn butterburger? AW TA HELL WITH IT HON. LETS HAVE TOTS AND SALISBURY STEAK TANIGHT.


Club Monaco: Extra 40% off Sale (including shoes) w/ WEEKEND

CM Boots on Sale - part of The Thursday Handful on

Most of the clothing is pretty picked over in terms of sizes. But since Club Monaco has been excluding their shoes from previous extra % off sale events up until now, the shoes are looking extra tempting. Don’t expect them to last that long though.

UPDATE: Oh come on. Code’s not working as of early this AM. So what, shoes get the cut, unless they’re 3rd party? Which is all that there is in the men’s section? That’s annoying.

UPDATE II: Code’s now working on 3rd party shoes. Excellent.


J. Crew: Extra 40% off Sale Items w/ TREAT

J. Crew 40% of - part of The Thursday Handful on

The Picks: Bowery Slim in Striped Irish Linen – $52.80 ($98), Stripe Belt – $17.70 ($35)

Every few days to a week J. Crew dumps more items in their sale section around clearance time. Still lots of time to wear the pants, and that belt won’t look out of place unless it’s really cold out. Even then, it’s just a casual belt, so, why not?


Lands’ End: 25% off 1 Reg. Priced Item w/ ORDER25 & 2510

Lands' End Blazer - part of The Thursday Handful on

The Pick: Tailored Fit Patterned Wool Blazer – $148.50 ($195)

Hey now. That’s one incredible looking new arrival from Lands’ End. Tailored fit, but… can it really be THAT fitted off the rack? Got one on the way for an in person. Real promising. Liking the casual patch pockets too. Brand new. 95% wool/5% Nylon. Also available in herringbone.


Billy Reid: Extra 20% off Sale w/ FINAL

Billy Reid extra 20% - part of The Thursday Handful on

The Picks: Quail Jacket – $135.20* ($495), Grey Suede KSwiss Sneakers – $39.20* ($95)

*REMEMBER: Billy Reid Sale items can only be returned for store credit. And the word “FINAL” is the code. Will they take any returns at all with this stuff? Hard to tell.


BONUS: Massimo Dutti: Extra items added to sale?

Massimo Dutti Sale - part of The Thursday Handful on

The Picks: Linen/Cotton Blazer – $140.00 ($275), Silk/Wool/Cotton Blazer – $225 ($525), Cap Toe Pebble Oxfords – $110 ($345)

Whoa whoa whoa… wait a minute. Looks like Zara’s big brother, Massimo Dutti, dumped a couple (not many) extra goods in their semi annual sale. That blazer shown above is 64% linen, 36% cotton, and it’s lined in cotton, viscose, and acetate. Shipping is still free, and it sure looks like returns are still free. Remember, Massimo Dutti stuff, like Zara, tends to run very trim.


Also worth a mention