Style Scenario: It’s too damn hot

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. The days are longer and the sun is meaner. Some parts of the country are already stifling, with others soon to be that was as well. Here’s one option for looking (and more importantly, feeling) as cool as possible when the temperatures hit peak perspiration levels. Top Photo Credit

Style Scenario - It's Too Damn Hot by


The Shirt: UNIQLO Dry Button Down Collar Polo – $14.90 ($22.90)Unlike a 100% cotton polo, these are a cotton poly blend specifically designed to be airy, lightweight, and dry quickly. When you sweat, the moisture in your pits/on your back evaporates faster than other polos, which can often hold onto that wetness all day. White base with grey stripes = visual interest while still reflecting the sun’s rays. And no, it doesn’t look anything like a short sleeve dress shirt in person.

The Pants: Bonobos Oxleys in Indigo – $65.66 ($98). Even prudes go commando in these every once in a while. They’re that comfortable. Cut from super soft oxford cloth that’s both relaxed and stylish at the same time. Bonobos has enough rabid fans that hyperbole around their products gets old, but seriously… there’s some sorcery going on here. They’re addicting. And awesome. More sizes, for $78, over here.

The Belt: GAP Leather & Cotton Belt – $24.95Heavy leather belts are a bit like raw denim and single malt scotch. They don’t work so well when it’s brutally hot out (with some exceptions). Lighten up but still keep your belt snug & secure with a cotton webbing / leather combo option like this one.

The Watch: Hugo Boss Rubber Strap Racing Chrono$189$200Gee whiz… can’t quite tell where that one got it’s styling from. Anywhodiddly… certainly not everyone’s style, but consider something with a band that won’t absorb sweat, or, reflect light (so, leather & stainless or gold might not be ideal when it’s sweltering). This is a perfect opportunity to wear that Timex Weekender slip-thru.

The Shoes: Brooks Brothers Suede Tie-Driver – $148Skip the heavy leather dress shoes and instead opt for something lightweight & airy. Drivers, penny loafers, boat shoes, canvas sneakers, etc… Plenty other shades available for this shoe, just in case you’d prefer something less… smurfy?

The Sunglasses: Ray Ban New Wayfarer in Tortoise – $82.24. Ever set your wire framed sunglasses down in the sun for a bit, then put them back on, only to sear your temples/tops of your ears to medium-well on contact? Right. Lots of fun. These won’t do that. Sure, plastic frames are inherently more casual, but everyone is more casual when it’s super hot out.

The non-clothing trio: Gold Bond Foot Powder, Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen, A full water bottle. – Gold Bond’s foot powder is cooling, long lasting, and does the trick. Titanium Dioxide based sunscreens won’t stain your clothes if you’ve got hard water. And speaking of water, staying hydrated is key. Aim for downing at least one, if not two of these a day. You’ll feel better, and might even end up slimmer.