Quick Picks: Unionmade 40% Off FINAL Sale

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UNIONMADE: 40% off Spring-Summer FINAL Sale (no returns)

Some of us are completely fine with keeping it inexpensive all the time. Some of us mix in high-quality pieces with our lower-priced staples. And then there are those who swear by the “buy better buy less” mantra. If you’re of that last mindset, then you’re probably familiar with Unionmade.

Launched in San Francisco in 2009, they’ve got just two four brick & mortar shops (all in California), as well as a website that gets plenty of attention from the fans of high-quality, classic American looks. They mostly curate, but they have partnered up with brands for collaborative pieces before. Their focus on quality means that the prices are often (if not always) STEEP, and that’s still the case even with this current 40% off Final Sale.  And yes, it’s final sale. So no returns. Hold on to those wallets!


Journal Standard Seersucker Jackets in Plaid or Check – $127.00 FINAL ($213)

UNIONMADE Jackets on Dappered.com

Sizes are going fast, but with something as lightweight as this, at this time of year, it’s understandable. Unionmade teamed up with this Japanese brand to make a few different styles, and these are perfect for hot weather. Appears to be unlined (excluding the sleeves? maybe?), claims a slim fit, and is made of indigo dyed seersucker. The sleeves do have functioning buttons however, so beware. That said, they DO have a size chart that lists sleeve length as well as chest from pit to pit… which is good, being that these things aren’t sized in Small, Medium, or Large, but instead 0, 1, and 2.


Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Reversible Field Short – $66.00 FINAL ($110)

Woolrich Field Short on Dappered.com

Cut your laundry time in half! All right, so, you probably shouldn’t pull the works-in-college “just turn it inside out trick.” But these are extra versatile thanks to the solid khaki on one side, and madras plaid on the other.  All cotton twill.


Quoddy Kiltie Loafer: $207.00 FINAL ($345)

Quoddy Kiltie Loafer on Dappered.com

This is one of those well established and legendary brands that Unionmade specializes in carrying. Made in the USA and hand sewn for over 100 years, Quoddy knows a thing or two about quality. This loafer has this….aged look to it right out the gate. Chromexcel upper, can’t-miss sole, and several sizes available at post time. Certainly not going to flip everyone’s skirt, and ouch-worthy expensive (for a limited use casual) even on sale.


Mark Weekender Bag: $153.00 FINAL ($255)

Mark Weekender Bag on Dappered.com

Now, some of us like and use totes. But I know some of you don’t like them at all. What if I told you this was actually a weekender bag? YUP, a vertical weekender bag that looks like a tote…. but isn’t….sort of? Right up my alley! Made in the USA and has an exterior made out of 100% wool, veg tanned leather handles and a decent amount of space lined in cotton canvas fabric. Just a hair over 2000 cubic inches at 17″x14″x8.5″. Definitely not for everyone, but also a fun and unique piece. Comes in Orange and Navy.


Barbour Stanley Jacket: $209.00 FINAL ($349)

Barbour Stanley Jacket on Dappered.com

Another jacket that’s reminiscent of the one that 007 wore while in Scotland in Skyfall. Seems like a great transitional jacket, and should see plenty of use in Spring and Fall. External material is full on waxed Sylkoil (traditional unshorn wax) cotton with the interior being lined in cotton as well.The lapels are pretty narrow, two flap pockets and a chest pocket, and is styled to look not too dissimilar from a blazer which is great. Was on sale during the half-yearly at Norstrom in a darker green, but now those are all but sold out. Final sale here like everything else.


Golden Bear “The Tiburon” Jacket in Green or Khaki – $144.00 FINAL ($240)

Golden Bear "Tiburon" Jacket on Dappered.com

Keep it simple, right? And who knew they were still making lightweight jackets in the United States? Claims to be slim fit, a 65% poly/35% cotton shell means it won’t feel too slippery/plastic-bag-like, and as classic of a design as it gets. Not cheap, but good for those who try to buy made in the USA as often as possible.


Quoddy Canoe Shoe in Grey Suede – FINAL $165 ($276)

Quoddy Canoe Shoe on Dappered.com

Some guys are totally fine with going the cheap-route when it comes to casual shoes (especially warm weather casuals)… and this is not that route. Like the Kiltie Loafer, this one seems very expensive for a casual shoe. But,Quoddy’s materials and workmanship are outstanding. Might be a pair of shoes you pull out and beat up for many summers to come.


Woolrich Upstate Hunting Blazer in Grey/Olive – FINAL $195 ($325)

Woolrich hunting blazer on Dappered.com

Boy… Unionmade is known for doing the upscale-rugged/outdoors thing… but you just can’t escape this hunting blazer/jacket combo can you? Unlike the Barbour, this one isn’t waxed. Lighter weight. Partially lined in a camo-fabric that appears to be cotton or cotton based? Patch chest pocket & bottom pockets, watch pocket, & map pocket.


The ???: Levi’s reproduction of the Bing Crosby Denim Tux

Bing tux, yes really, on Dappered.com

Pants – $216.00 ($360) & Tuxedo Jacket – $1,080.00 ($1,800)

Wait.  Really?

The Union Made sale will last about a month and also takes affect at their two physical locations. Yes, they have the Bing Crosby tuxedo in the Los Angeles location and yes, I tried it on. I. LOOKED. GREAT.

About the author: Christian Davis is a 24-year-old Los Angeles based writer who likes high-quality stuff, but also likes a good cheap blazer every now and then. For more, you can follow him via his tumblr