Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale for Men – June 2014 Picks

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Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale for Men

It’s easily in the top 5 sales of the year, and they do it twice. Once in the summer, and once in the winter, Nordstrom marks down items from the previous season and throws em’ in a digital pile online. And it’s quite the pile. Thousands of items are in this thing, and it’s more than odd sizes and weird designs or colors. Nordstrom always cuts prices on a nice batch of desirable staples, and plenty of splurge items lurk in this event as well. Now, Nordstrom isn’t Macy’s, and they do carry some higher end designers… so be prepared for some sticker shock here and there.

Items below had at least a good size selection at post time unless otherwise noted. As always, all items do ship and return free.


John W. Nordstrom Trim Fit Dress Shirt – $49.90 ($79.50)

JWN Trim fit dress shirts on

A mighty fine dress shirt for fifty bucks. From the higher quality JWN house line, these are made from Egyptian cotton, are trimmer (but not skinny) at the sides, and have good collars. A basic that excels.


John W. Nordstrom ‘Lucas’ Wingtip – $130.65 ($195)

JWN Lucas Wingtips on

Wow. It’s like somebody put the Florsheim Haviland on a diet. Not a long-wing like the Haviland, but a short wing with the sweep cutting down where the heel starts. Elongated and slim looking. A couple of glowing reviews. Made in Italy. That top pair with the lighter, toasted looking sole might go real smart with dark denim in the fall.


Dockers Trim Fit Twill or Seersucker Gingham Blazer – $97.15 ($145)

Dockers Blazers on

Both of these are partially lined (yay!) have non functioning cuffs (double yay!) and look… a little chopped? (not yay). But as always with Nordstrom, they ship and return free. Interesting that they call the gingham option “seersucker”… any pucker going on there to speak of? Can’t tell. Like the exact chest sizing and patch pockets though.


1901 ‘Carson’ Derby – $66.96 ($99.95)

1901 Carson Derby on

Really, really appears to be not only the B.R. Owen, but also the DSW/Aston Grey “Dien”. And that’s great if they are… since the construction, feel of the suede, and not overly thick sole makes for a steal of a summer shoe at this price point. Of course they’re glued instead of stitched, but they feel great, look great, and hold up well.


Bonobos Straight Leg Washed Chinos – $58.96 ($88)

Bonobos Washed Chinos on

A sizable discount on the Bonobos flagship pant. Lightweight cotton in their signature fit. Available in 8 different shades, although sizes are starting to get short in some.


Bonobos Oxford Cloth “Oxley” pants – $65.66 ($98)

Bonobos Oxley Pants on

!!! Yes sir! No, not cheap… but totally worth it (for most) at $66 with free shipping and free returns. The “indigo” option (shown above) is probably the most versatile. Just straight fits available through Nordstrom. Big Legged Fellas rejoice!


TBNY Double Monk or Wingtip Blucher – $199.90 ($325)

TBNY Shoes on

Not quite as beefy as Allen Edmonds in terms of construction, but To Boot New York delivers on the sleekness. So, if that’s what you’re looking for (and under a $200 price point)… give these a look. Made in Italy. Double Monks also come in black.


Ernest Alexander ‘Tucker’ Travel Kit – $63.65 ($95)

Earnest Alexander Travel Kit on

What, is this thing going to a Packer’s game in late November? (HEY NOWW. It’s Deeeeer Huntin’ seeesan hon!) All kidding aside, it should make for less rooting around in your duffel looking for your dopp. Hard to miss this amongst your clothes. Made in the USA, and Earnest Alexander quality is almost always top notch.


Nordstrom Traditional Fit or Wallin & Bros Trim Fit Blazer – $197.65 ($295)

Nordy blazers

Both are wool, but boy do they sure appear to be different just at a glance. High button stance & traditional fit on the left, shorter looking tail but much more appealing button stance on the right. Wallin & Bros is a Nordstrom house brand, and usually makes pretty good stuff. Says the trim fit blazer is unlined.


Cole Haan Grant MTO Drivers – $109.90 ($176)

CH drivers on

Four different shades to pick from (including the “gull grey” pictured at top), boat shoe style lacing, and a nubby sole & heel.


Nordstrom Smartcare Wrinkle Free Trim Fit Dress Shirt – $42.90 ($65)

Smart Care Wrinkle Free Shirts on

Not quite as luxurious feeling as the John W. Nordstrom options, but still… plenty nice for forty three dollars. It’s their “smartcare” fabric, that unless they’ve changed the formula/structure, isn’t stiff and scratchy like some other non-iron options (I… still iron these myself, but they’re pretty easy to iron).


Nordstrom Smartcare Wrinkle Free Trim Fit Check Dress Shirt – $42.90 ($65)

Smart Care Check Shirts on

Now… in a small ginghamish check! Lots of shades to pick from. Especially interested in that grey option. It’s different, but not a huge reach. Might break up a navy suit extremely nicely.


Allen Edmonds Ft. Collins Derby in Bourbon – $217.75 ($325)

ft collins

Looks like this one is built on the 333 last (has a bit of a chisel toe to it). Appears to be like a cross between the Kenilworth and the Hanover wholecut. Three pairs of eyelets, open derby-style lacing… made in Bourbon.


Original Penguin Pocket Squares – $11.90

OP Pocket Squares on

The key here,  is the free shipping.


Allen Edmonds “Player” Lace-Up – $214.90 ($335)

AE Players on

A substantial wingtip with a fat medallion on the toe. Available in Walnut, and should go very well with summer pants, a light cotton blazer, and open collar shirt for not-too-dressed-up outdoor weddings.


Ernest Alexander ‘Watson’ Brief in Grey – $237.85 ($355)

EA Watson Brief on

WHOA. They made it in grey? Awesome. Yet… might be worth hanging out for a further discount on. Seems like an item that might survive the big half-yearly sale, and make it to the additional (yet quiet) cuts in price once it’s over. Made in the USA. 15.5″ wide, so, know that it’s not going to fit every laptop.


Ernest Alexander ‘Watson’ Brief in Grey – $177.49 ($355)

ernest alexander brief

Ah yes, the British Tan version. Much more affordable too.


Andrew Christian Breakwater Swim Briefs – $30.15 ($45)

wedgie waiting to happen

Just seeing if you’re still paying attention. Also… no. WANG DANG DOODLE! Carry on with the scrolling.


‘Pesaro’ Suede Wingtip – $77.05 ($115) | 1901 ‘Logan’ Oxford – $66.96 ($99.95)

suede summer shoes

Two suede shoes for summer. The Pesaro winger looks hyper-sleek (too sleek & low to the ground?) while the Logan Oxford from the house brand 1901 has a much more traditional buck shape.


Micahel Kors Trim Fit Seersucker Suit – $264.65 ($395)

mkors seersucker

Says it’s lined… but in what? Michael Kors suiting usually leans trim, but isn’t tight, and doesn’t suffer (usually?) from chopped-tail syndrome. It’s a true suit, but doesn’t say what the drop between jacket size/pants is.  99% cotton, 1% elastane for a hint of stretch. UPDATE: Thanks to Evan in the comments for getting Nordstrom’s customer service to say it’s: A. a 7 inch drop (so a 40R jacket comes with 33 pants) as well as B. Unlined!


1901 Triple Check Trim Fit Dress Shirt – $32.90 ($49.50)

1901 Triple Check Dress Shirt on

Excellent price for an in-house, trim fit Nordstrom brand. and the two color + white check look offers some busyness without going over the top. Especially liking the patriotic “red grenadine” (right) as well as the “green jelly” (left). Wait… Green Jelly? LET ME IN LITTLE PIG YOU HEARD ME DAMMIT.


Wallin & Bros. ‘Justin’ Double Monk – $100.49 ($150)

Wallin & Bros Monk on

Made in Italy. Construction feels very solid. A little darker in person than on the Nordstrom website. These’d be one way to bring black into your wardrobe up top (sweater, cord blazer, etc…), without resorting to black shoes (since these lean grey). Not going to be everyone’s thing. Probably not going to be for most. But, will find a home and use. Limited sizes.


Bonobos Standard Fit Blazer in Seersucker – $197.65 or Chino – $132.66

Bonobos Blazers on

Standard fit isn’t their slim fit… but a drawback to their slim fit is the shorter tail. So the Standard is probably the better option for most (unless you’re super slim, and vertically challenged). Seersucker blazer comes in exact chest sizes… and seems pricey. Chino blazer comes in the standard navy, which doesn’t go on sale as much as most would like. $295 and $198 full retail.


The Rail ‘Kingston’ Chelsea – $66.96 ($99.95)

The Rail Kingston Chelsea on

Tons of potential here. Good looking shape, great shade of grey for the suede… but… what’s with the red elastic?


Barbour ‘Stanley’ Weatherproof Waxed Regular Fit Jacket – $233.83 ($349)

Barbour Jacket on

Boy. It’s not quite the same jacket 007 wore in Skyfall… but it’s getting there and then some. It’s like Barbour made a “lite” version for those of us who just aren’t going to drop that kind of cash on the real thing. Might be one of those items that slips through the cracks of the first round, and ends up with a 50% off discount once the half-yearly sale officially ends?


1901 ‘Lynden’ Double Monks – $66.96 ($99.95)

1901 Lynden Double Monks on

Honestly, the Rust pair was just so so. The Suede might see more work though. But for $67 with free shipping & returns… what can expectations truly be? Full review here.


ACCUTIME 40mm Interchangeable Strap Watch- $16.75 ($25)

Accutime Watch on

Would this be the definition of a Beater Watch? Does it really come with three straps? And if it shows up, and you don’t like it, and you send it back… with the free shipping/returns have you burned through the purchase price just on getting it to you and sending it back to Nordstrom?


Brooks Brothers Slim Fit Mini Check Dress Shirt $59.90 ($92)

BB Slim Fit Dress Shirt on

Sixty bucks isn’t dirt cheap by any stretch, but many fellas swear by the Brooks Brothers Slim Fit (or, extra slim) dress shirts. Plus, you usually have to wait around for a buy-in-bulk deal from Brooks Brothers, and then you get nailed on shipping. Here, it can be a one-off purchase, with free shipping and returns. Plenty of shades to choose from.


Jack Spade Mason Card Holder – $38.86 ($58)

jack spade card case on

A nice starter card case for the guy who wants to transition from a traditional billfold, to something sleeker. Nice looking texture on this thing, and the free shipping & returns are a nice backup in case it shows up and feels cheap.


Vineyard Vines Ribbon Belt – $33.16 ($49.50)

vineyard vines ribbon belts on

BRIGHT… but, if the rest of your outfit is toned down… it might make for a fantastic casual belt. And not just for summer either. Really liking that light blue option.


Timberland Earthkeepers 6″ Zip in Grey – $120.60 ($180)

timberland earthkeepers on

Limited sizes, but… 3.5 years later, the personal brown pair could now finally use a new sole (after good use…). Medium weight, plenty stable, plenty good looking.

The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale for Men officially ends on 6/22, but keep an eye out for additional markdowns soon after. Stock/size selections won’t be as great, but still. Worth a revisit. Stay tuned.