Macy’s Friends & Family Sale Top 10

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FRIEND = Extra 25% off at Macy’s

*Note: This is also going on, in store, starting on 6/4. You’ll need a coupon though. Here it be.

Been in a Macy’s lately? They’ve been trending towards… chaotic… for awhile now. Everything is always on sale, and it can be hard to target when something really is a “deal”. Styling of in-store brands can lean frumpy, or, too trendy. While their overall business appears to be flat, the appeal to a more style-conscious fella seems to be slipping. They even got taken to the woodshed by Target in Store Wars this year.

But their F&F sale, especially online, can be worth a scan. The 25% off code FRIEND will usually work on just about everything. Even high end brands. Plus, their site carries more inventory than many of their Brick & Mortar stores. And if you think their website is cluttered? Try shopping in-store on a busy day. Free shipping doesn’t kick in until $99, but they are now offering free returns by mail on everything. A pre-paid shipping label should be included in the package, or, you can always drop it off in store if you’ve got a Macy’s nearby. Here’s what might be considered the top ten up for the discount during this sale:


#10. Polo Ralph Lauren Willem Driver – $65.99 ($99)

Polo Willem

Polo’s latest addition to their line of drivers, complete with a striped, preppy strap. Gone is the polo logo from the heel, but instead it’s now tonal, on a tag, on the side. Nubby grip on the heel & sole.


#9. DKNY Extra Slim Fit Wool Blazer – $149.99 ($350)

DKNY Extra Slim Fit Blazer

For the guy who’s been looking for a wool, classic but not frumpy navy blazer. Gonna be fused, but DKNY usually does a good job when it comes to flexibility and their jackets. No word on shoulder pads or armholes though. Ships free.


#8. Dockers Alpha Khakis – $44.99 ($68)

Dockers Alpha khakis

Those with thunder thighs (yep, me too) need not apply. Slim. But a favorite for plenty.


#7. Fossil Aeroflite Cream or Black Dial – $53.44 ($99)


Decent looks, real decent price, and good specs for a beater. 100m water resistance. Quartz of course, but a 44mm case gives it more visual beef than a Timex Weekender. The crown @ 4 o’clock is a nice pilot-style design touch.


#6. Tommy Hilfiger Peak Lapel Tuxedo Separates – $281.24

Hilffiger tux

One of, if not the best traditional looking yet affordable tuxes on the market. Classic peak lapels, covered buttons, satin stripe down the side of the leg, and trim enough that with some extra work by your tailor, it can be dialed in perfectly.


#5. Hamilton Field Chrono – $431.25 ($575), Tissot Le Locle – $506.25 ($675)

hamy and tissy yes tissy

You can get them for a bit cheaper on Amazon, but some people will value buying them through a big-box retailer like Macy’s, and the credibility/peace of mind that comes with that purchase (the grey market dealers can sometimes get a little… sketchy). Both are obviously pretty spendy, but they’re both Swiss automatics from trusted brands. The Hamilton is a nice, middle of the road for a casual 42mm, while the Tissot is a more classic 39mm for a dress watch.


#4. Bar III Grey Seersucker – $149.99 or Khaki Suit – $209.99

Bar III summer suits

The grey seersucker is the cheaper (dirt cheap) option, but it’s a bit more of a risk. Welt pockets, even down below, and no flaps. Hm. Interesting. Or, strange. Or both. The Khaki suit has the standard chest pocket but with flap pockets on the jacket. A warning: Bar III stuff runs VERY trim.


#3. Tasso Elba Seersucker Blazer – $59.99 ($79.98)

Tasso Elba Seersucker Blazer

Huh. Didn’t know that the Friends & Family code worked on the “Everyday Value” stuff at Macy’s. Usually the Everyday Value stuff is exempt from codes + promos. It is Tasso Elba, so be prepared to possibly have it tailored at the sides. Description says it’s a cotton shell, but it sure is tough to pick out the pucker in the online pics.


#2. Persol PO0714 52 – $285 ($380)

Persol McQueens

They are outrageously expensive… and they are spectacular. Thomas Crown approved.


#1. Allen Edmonds Mora 2.0 or Allen Edmonds Suede Strand – $204.74 ($365)

AE mora and suede

What. Both already on sale. So the extra 25% off drops them to just north of $200. Down to size 10, 11, and 12 at post time for the Monks. And those Strands. Oy. A luxury to have since they’re suede, but man. UPDATE: The Monks got gobbled up quick.

The Macy’s Friends & Family code FRIEND expires on 6/9/14. Above rankings were compiled based on perceived desirability, versatility, and affordability, with a weighted influence based on… aw hell, we just made the damn things up.