Brooks Brothers Semi Annual Sale June 2014 – The Picks

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Brooks Brothers Semi Annual Sale: 6/20 – 7/3

As Adam pointed out over here, Brooks Brothers has launched their semi-annual sale. Like the Nordstrom Half-yearly sale for men, it’s a bit of an end-of-season clearance and happens only twice a year (hence, the semi-annual bit). Prices get chopped on the spring/early summer stuff to make room for the fall items to come. That said, quantities and sizes can be a bit limited, but all picks below had at least a decent size selection at post time. If you’re looking to pick up one of their 3rd party items (Say, something by Filson or Red Wing) at a discount? Don’t get your hopes up. Looks like most, if not all of that stuff is sticking at full price.


THREE Non-Iron Slim or Extra Slim Fit Shirts – $59.66 per shirt (usually $92 per)

3 for $179 shirt deal at Brooks Brothers on

Good news and bad news here. First, compared to last year, the shirts are more expensive ($92 vs $88). But last time around, you had to buy 4 shirts to get the discount. Now it’s “just” three for  $179. Good for the guys who swear by their Brooks Brothers shirts and don’t mind buying in bulk. If you want to take Brooks Brothers shirting for a spin, but don’t like the idea of diving head first into a three-shirt pricey pool… head on over to Nordstrom. They’ve got a few slim fits (which aren’t super slim, just so you know) marked down. They ship & return free, plus you don’t need to order in bulk.


Allen Edmonds for B.B. Cap Toe or Perforated Cap Toes – $257.60 ($368)

AE for BB shoes on

You’re basically looking at the Park Ave. or Strand, but with a grippy rubber insert sole. Plus, these usually come with a thicker more cushioned insole? Was just 30% off. Now, back to 30% off. Sure.

Meanwhile, if you’re open to the open-lacing of a derby/blucher, and don’t mind a bit of a chisel toe, Nordstrom has further reduced the Ft. Collins down to a silly $162.49. More on the further Nordstrom reductions soon.


Dot Slim Tie + BB#3 Repp Slim Tie – $59.50 for both ($119)

BB tie duo on

Ties are buy two or more, get 50% off… not a bad deal there. And yes, you can always go super cheap on your neckwear. But there’s something about a really well made tie that just ties easier, drapes better, and feels noticeably more substantial in your hands. Both of these are made in the USA from English silk, and check in at 2 5/8″ wide.


Slim Fit 5 Pockets – $34.75 ($69.50)

BB 5 pockets on

Now half off. But sizes seem to be going quick, depending on which color you’re after. Might be a good, lighter-weight alternative to travel jeans? From the younger leaning Red Fleece collection. 8 colors available, but again, sizes are hustling.


Oxford Cloth Pants in Milano (slim) or Clark (straight) fit – $49.25 ($98.50)

Oxford Cloth Pre-Labor Day Pants on

Is the “clark” fit a new thing? Can’t recall seeing this straight through hip/thigh option before.


Ribbon/Web/Seersucker Casual belts – $33.60 ($48)

BB Belts on

Not the cheapest (especially when you tack on shipping), but they really are pretty nice. Especially the ribbon options. Lightweight but not flimsy. Maybe something to tip the free shipping at $200 balance?


Fisherman Sweater – $100.80 ($168)

BB Fisherman Sweater on

Come get some, Moby Dick.


Quilted Jacket – $149 ($298) | Quilted Blazer – $149 ($298)

BB Quilted Combo on

Anybody else sick of Summer already? The weather will turn cooler at some point in the not too distant future. And both of these quilted options should do the trick on days that are cool but not cold. Quilted blazers… boy… you really gotta love you some blazers to go for that. And yeah, some of us do.


Suede Tie Driving Mocs – $103.60 ($148)

BB Drivers on

Surprisingly comfortable right out of the box. The suede isn’t as soft in person as it looks on the site, but they hold up well and feel comfortable even if you’re walking around town in them (drivers don’t usually offer much support). Plenty of colors to pick from. Made in El Salvador.


Suede & Leather Boat Shoes – $103.60 ($148)

BB suede and leather boat shoes on

Really likin’ the navy & burgundy combo shown here. One small piece of branding is visible, but it’s kinda slick: the golden fleece logo is stamped into the leather on the heel.


Linen Patch Jacket – $199 ($398)

BB Linen Patch Jacket on

In the outerwear section. 3/2 roll for the buttons. Flaps give it that expedition look. Center vent. Made from Irish linen.


Contrast Chest Stripe Supima Cotton Crewneck Sweater – $58.80 ($98)

BB Chest Stripe Sweater on

Weird condition… this… lactating citrus juice disorder. Eh. C’est la vie. Ah, you brought Prosecco? Care to have a mimosa? Gotcha covered.


Over-Dyed Seersucker Pants – $39.75  ($79.50)

BB seersucker pants on

Looks like most if not all sizes are left too. From the younger-leaning Red Fleece Line. Now half off, and should make a great option for when you don’t want to wear shorts this summer.


Pebble Leather Driving Mocs – $117.60 ($168)

BB Pebble Leather Drivers on

For Master Wayne’s (not that one, this one) jaunts into the country in the E-type. Dark navy. Almost mean looking… y’know, for a driving loafer.


Scarpa Milano Hiking Boots – $147.00 ($210)

Scarpa hikers on

Not a bad option for those lucky to live close enough to trails that a 1 – 2 hour quick hike is a daily/every other day occurrence. Blends the technical side with more traditional looking Italian leather uppers, fat laces, and brassy eyelets. A little bit of function, lots of form. Made in Italy.


Golden Fleece Embossed Slim Card Case – $68.60 ($98)

BB GF embossed card case on

Seems to hover between here and the mid $70s during sales. Yes, it’s a logo, but it’s awfully well done. Embossed. Slim body. Two slots on either side plus another slot up top.


Fitzgerald Fit Seersucker Sport Coat – $278.60 ($398)

The summer splurge?

There’s been a surge of dark seersucker these last few years… and that’s a good thing. Still puckered, still cool, just in a darker color that’ll transition nicely into the evening… or even the fall. Might as well wear it in the fall. It’s $280 afterall. Fitzgerald fit is closer, but not as close (or as short) as the Milano.


Knot Cufflinks in Sterling Silver or Gold Plated Silver – $66.50 ($95)

BB Knot Cufflinks on

A classic that won’t be going out of style anytime soon. There are cheaper versions lurking from other retailers out there, but at least the silver is sterling here. Imported.

The Brooks Brothers Semi-Annual sale is set to expire on July 3rd.