Brooks Brothers 30% off Spring & Summer

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30% off Spring & Summer Items at Brooks Brothers (no code needed)

Interesting. It’s not really a clearance event (summer just got started), but the discount is sizable for Brooks Brothers. Their Friends & Family events usually top out at 25% off. Plus, this one includes a bunch of year-round wearables like shoes and other accessories.

Sure, it’s Brooks Brothers, so nothing is really “cheap” here, but if you’re looking to pick up a quality suit (yep, plenty of suits are game) or a pair of shoes, it’s worth a look. And looking you’ll do, since there’s no singular place on their site where all the marked down goods reside. So be ready to hunt, and peck, and hunt and peck some more. A few worthwhile picks are below. Y’know, picks that’ll hopefully minimize some of that hunting and pecking. Picked a peck of positive picks to prevent profuse hunting & pecking.


Wait for it.


Thank you.

Free shipping now kicks in at $200 (yeah, still pretty steep) through 6/15.


Allen Edmonds for Brooks Brothers Cap Toes – $257.60 ($368)

AE for BB Cap Toe on

Basically the AE Park Avenue. But you get a rubber sole at no extra charge (it’s an extra $50 if you go through AE and want a rubber sole). Do know that the Brooks Brothers shoes seem to come with a different insole that has more padding. So they might feel like they’re fitting just a bit differently. Totally classic. Sizes seem to be going kinda fast on the brown.


Brooks Brothers Perforated Cap Toes – $257.60 ($368)

BB Perforated Cap Toes on

This here be a quarter brogue. Also comes with a rubber sole that should provide a bit more grip than a leather one. Available in black, brown, or the walnut shown here. Good news for those with wide feet… looks like BB is starting to carry E and EEE sizes.


Brooks Brothers Medallion Perforated Captoes – $257.60 ($368)

BB Strands on

Pretty much Strands. Also comes with a grippy rubber sole here. Brooks Brothers. They love the grip apparantly. Made in the USA, Gooyear Welted, you guys know the drill.


Social Primer Reversible Ribbon Belt – $33.60 ($48)

BB Social Primer Reversible belt on

It’s two! Two! Two belts in one! All right, so, the backside shows on the tail of the belt when you actually put it on, but so what? Nice that they’re trying to give you 2x (1.85x?) the belt for the price of one.


Fitzgerald Fit BrooksCool Suit in solid Navy or Grey – $488.60 ($698)

Brooks Brothers CoolSuits on

Check out this comment from reader Michael over here. Sounds like these aren’t a bad pickup at this price. Wool & “engineered fibers” create  a fabric that, according to Brooks Brothers, is “ultra-lightweight, breathable and both crease and water resistant”. Sounds like maybe a good suit to travel in? For those that are on the go?


Regent Fit Wool/Mohair “High Performance” Blazer – $383.60 ($548)

Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald Fit Blazer on

Nope. Not cheap. But nobody knows the classic blue blazer quite like Brooks Brothers. And out of all of their options, this might be the one that most if not all can agree upon. Mother of pearl buttons and 3/8 lined. Sizes selection isn’t the widest at post time.


Three Wise Monkeys Slim Tie – $41.65 ($59.50)

BB Three Wise Monkeys Tie on

From the Brooks Brothers archive. Slimmer than most of their ties, and checks in at just 2 5/8″. Made in the USA. See no, hear no, speak no.


Suede Tie Driving Moc – $103.60 ($148)

BB Suede Drivers on

Sure, drivers aren’t the most supportive or tough footwear, but man, they can be comfortable. Great looking suede on these, and the tie is a nice way to finish off the top. Been trying to resist that lighter grey pair for a while now.


Fitzgerald Fit Seersucker Sportcoat – $278.60 ($398)

BB Seersucker Sportcoat on

Ooh. Damn. Pricey of course, but a navy seersucker, unlined, half-canvas blazer? Wear it all summer. Over-sized light saber training module in matching navy seersucker not included.


Blackwatch Plaid Luggage Tag – $26.60 ($38)

BB luggage tag on

Perhaps something for the globetrotting Dad on Father’s Day? Even if that Father is you? A mini splurge that most of us would never even consider spending the cash for, but, still cool all the same.


Slim Fit 5 Pockets – $48.65 ($69.50)

BB 5 pockets on

Might be a good, lighter-weight alternative to travel jeans for the warmer months? From the younger leaning Red Fleece collection. 8 colors available, and those above ^ are the more toned down options (RED PANTS. SOMEONE IS WEARING RED PANTS)


Brooks Brothers Unconstructed Nubuck Tassel Loafers – $117.60 ($168)

BB Tassel Loafers on

Sleeker looking than your average tassel loafer (which for whatever reasons, usually leans clunky and stumpy). Real slim looking sole. Nubuck uppers. Casual, sure, but not sneakers by any stretch.


Silver Plated Made in the USA Snapper Links – $157.50 ($225)

BB Snapper Cufflinks on

Just in time for wedding and graduation days. Insta-heriloom. Silver plated and made here in the states.


Navy/Yellow/Grey Ribbon Belt – $36.00 ($48)

BB Ribbon Belt on

Brooks Brothers ribbon belts aren’t cheap, but they hold up real well and don’t seem to slip like other, cheaper ribbon belts. Nice color combo that’s certainly noticeable, but doesn’t wallop you over the noggin’ with summertime hues.


Over-Dyed Seersucker Pants – $55.65  ($79.50)

BB seersucker pants on

Might take their place along side oxford cloth pants as a go-to “it’s too damn hot out, but I don’t want to wear shorts” option for summer.


Distressed Leather Briefcase – $278.60 ($398)

BB Briefcase on

That ain’t cheap. But it’s dead simple (and therefor, dead sexy to some). Leather, 15″ wide, and “imported”. From where? Not sure. Might be a risk.


Matte Tortoise Plastic Green Lens Sunglasses – $59.50 ($85)

BB Shades on

There just aren’t a lot of sunglasses in this price range, and even though the Brooks Brothers name is on the temple… at least they’re a respected brand (and almost all sunglasses do have branding). Slight key hole bridge, made in Italy… some good potential here.


Goodyear Welted Chelsea Boots – $208.60 ($298)

BB Chelsea on

Wow. A looker for sure. Goodyear welted too. But… man… the feet are just sweating thinking about putting these on during this time of year. Decent price. Wrong season. Ah well.


Fitzgerald Fit Wool/Cotton or All Linen Suit – $488.60 ($698)

Brooks melange and linen suits on

Finishing strong, with a splurge. Right around Suitsupply prices here thanks to the discount. Suit on the left is a wool cotton melange, suit on the right is a navy Irish linen. Yeah, a summer fabric suit in a dark shade (like navy) seems sorta counter-productive, but it’s a luxury that if you’re lucky enough to get one… you just might find reason to use it. Sun goes down = that suit comes out.

The 30% off Spring/Summer collection ends on Sunday June 15.