What would you pay? The Fossil Townsman Chronograph

A clean, kinda retro look... but what's in a name?

Fossil Townsman Chronograph – $125.00 

NOTE: There are plenty of the Fossil “Townsman” model available on Amazon for less… but not in this blue/cream/orange color scheme. 

UPDATE: Looks like Amazon got these in a few days after the post fired off. $92.99 and fulfilled by Amazon at the time this update.

First, a question: Would you find this watch more appealing if say, it said “Citizen” or even “Timex” on the dial instead of Fossil?

Meanwhile, it’s a real nice feeling watch for the low $100’s. Specs are about what you’d expect for a department store watch in this price range. Mineral crystal, Japanese quartz movement,  and 50 m worth of water resistance.

Fossil Townsman reviewed on Dappered.comYo Fossil (& Timex, & Seiko, & Citizen) make more clean, classic dials like this please…

For the looks, it’s as clean as a Fossil gets. It’s an IWC Portugese homage with hints of 60s & 70s color (like the not quite navy watch band, cream dial, & orange second hand). The chronograph pushers aren’t just forgotten flush buttons, but instead have a piston/mushroom top. The leather for the band is a decent thickness, is plenty pliable, and the rectangular holes for the tang buckle are a nice, subtle detail. It’s a quartz, but still feels decently substantial. It doesn’t suffer from flimsy-quartz-itus.

The orange second hand is in constant movement and not controlled by the chronograph function (seconds are ticked off by the subdial at 12 when the chronograph is activated). There’s no date or day window on this thing, which is either an omission to some, or, a welcome decision that keeps the face extra clean.

Fossil Townsman Chrono on Dappered.comColor scheme isn’t classic, and some might like that.

But… and it shouldn’t necessarily make a difference… the name. “Fossil”, as a brand, can make some great stuff. But it certainly seems to project “youth”, and youth can sometimes (unfairly) project inexperience. Fair? Unfair? Cast a vote and leave it all below.

What would you pay? The Fossil Townsman Chronograph

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A review of Fossil's Townsman on Dappered.com