The Suggestion: Joseph Abboud’s Barely There Blazer

Made in the USA. Incredibly lightweight.

Joseph Abboud “Soft Construction” Sport Coat – $199.00

Note: These are also available in in a dark grey, but know that sizes in those are running awfully short. Available direct through Amazon and available for Prime. Size shown is 38R.

UPDATE: These moved pretty quick. Most sizes available at post time, but limited sizes left now.

The two key words are:

“Soft Construction”

There’s nothing to these things. And it’s fantastic. They’re more shirt than blazer, and are like a super high-quality, wool blend version of the old INC ultra-lights that Macy’s used to make. Only these are Made in the USA, have a traditional, butt-covering drop in the tail, and come in exact chest sizes instead of the ballpark S,M,L, etc…

A Review of Joseph Abboud's Soft Construction Blazer on Dappered.comSize: 38R. Nice taper. More traditional length. 85% wool, 10% cashmere, 5% silk.

Being that they’re on Amazon, they might be leftovers from before Men’s Wearhouse purchased the Abboud brand. But, if the new Made in the USA Abboud suits now being sold through Men’s Wearhouse have a similar cut & attention to detail? Many of us might find ourselves swimming through the MW Salesman Sharks for the first time in years.

Back to these blazers… They’re 85% wool, 10% cashmere, and 5% silk. The fabric has a terrific hand-feel, and it drapes incredibly well. Patch pockets on the outside allow for a mostly unstructured front, with only the sleeves and upper back being lined in rayon.

Joseph Abboud Soft Construction Blazer lining on Dappered.comBarely any construction to these at all. More shirt than blazer, but still a blazer.

Sleeves have a decent diameter for those with some strength to their upper bodies. Sadly, the buttons at the sleeves do function, but sleeve length seems just about right (neither oddly long or too short) on the 38R seen here. Sides are nice and trim, and most will be able to get away without any additional tailoring. Side vents. 3″ lapel.

If you’re looking for a fully lined blazer with a beefy construction, then this ain’t that. If you’re looking for something that’s ridiculously comfortable, super breezy, and can be worn in everything from the bitter cold over a sweater, to warmer weather that’s not quite sweltering, here it be. It’s a bit of a freak, but a freak that plenty will flip for when they first slip it on.

Lounging in the Joseph Abboud Soft Construction Blazer on