J. Crew Factory: 30% off & Free Shipping No Min.

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FIESTA = 30% off +Free Shipping No Min. at J. Crew Factory

How successful is J. Crew Factory? Pretty successful. Successful enough that J. Crew is looking to replicate that success with something called “J. Crew Mercantile”… which would be a new diffusion brand with brick & mortar locations, not limited to outlet malls:

With J. Crew Mercantile, the chain will offer merchandise and prices that are similar to its J. Crew Factory outlet selection – Bloomberg.com

Wait, so… they’re going to make a brand that’s less expensive than J. Crew, even though they already have Factory, and give this new brand (called “J. Crew Mercantile”) a standard mall presence even though malls are struggling, the web is going gangbusters, and Factory is already online?


Well anywhodiddly… at least Factory is running a free shipping no min. + 30% off sale with the code FIESTA through today. 30% is okay… not great for JCF, but it’s the free shipping no min. that helps. That’s an extra $5 off if you’re just getting something cheap… and those savings are a pretty big % off depending on the price of the item. Off we go…


Slim Pocket Tee in Sea Stripe – $15.75 ($34.50)

Factory Pocket Tee on Dappered.com

Yeah, not as cheap as something you’d get from Mossimo, but awfully close with this sale. About as low as this one has gone in a while. Has the potential to become a quick favorite. Super soft cotton, lighterweight fabric that breathes well, and a chest pocket for some visual (and functional) interest.


Slim Sunwashed Oxfords in Solids – $25.55 ($56.50)

JCF solid sunwashed oxfords on Dappered.com

A basic that can easily be worn with shorts & the sleeves rolled up when the weather gets warm. Now $25.55, but no extra $5 ding on the shipping.


Short sleeve baseball henley – $24.15 ($39.50)

JCF short sleeved henley on Dappered.com

One way to mix-up the laid back t-shirt game is to throw some buttons on the front. Baseball style henley with contrast sleeves and a slightly deeper 3 button placket.


Slim Bedford Pant in Oxford – $31.15, Slim Indigo Dot – $41.65, or Cotton/Linen – $27.65

Bedford Trio on Dappered.com

That’s quite a price range for three pairs of Bedford pants. Too bad the Oxford cloth isn’t available in anything but the “bright ember” which looks awfully… pink. But hey, some of you guys can totally pull off pink pants. First two are slim fit, the cotton linen is a more standard straight fit.


Slim colorblock tees in blue or Red – $17.15 ($24.50)

Slim Colorblock tees on Dappered.com

Yep, another more expensive than a Target T-shirt… t-shirt. But, it’s in their slimmer cut and has the colorblock thing going for it.


Slim Sunwashed Oxford in Horizontal Stripe – $27.65 ($56.50)

jcf horiz stripe shirt on Dappered.com

Different. And watch out for them horizontal stripes.  They can be unflattering on some.


Colorblock Toggle Cardigan – $52.15 ($98)

Shawl summer sweater on Dappered.com

As summery as a sweater can get. Lots of natucial stuff going on here, with the rope toggles & shawl collar. All cotton. The kind of thing that’d actually look right with shorts if you throw it on after the sun sets.


Seersucker button down shirts in navy, pink, or blue stripe – $34.65 ($62.50)

Seersucker shirts on Dappered.com

Ah. That pucker. Seersucker’s “pucker” helps keep you cool by keeping the cloth from universally resting on your skin. That allows for air channels to develop, and thus, ventilation. That, and some guys just like the super-summery look it has. Available in the saturated navy pictured here, as well as a couple other options.


Linen/Cotton Sea Stripe 2.5″ wide Necktie – $11.55 ($16.50)

JCF Sea stripe tie on Dappered.com

Eleven fifty five shipped? That’s cheaper than TheTieBar. Careful though, it’s a slim one at 2.5″ wide.


Double Blue Stripe Web Belt – $13.65 ($29.50)

jcf summer belt on Dappered.com

Pretty much a visual definition of a summer belt. Diggin’ the off-white base and the double blue stripes. Here’s to hoping the quality is at least semi-decent.


9″ Pindot Chambray Short – $34.65 ($56.50)

pindot chambray short on Dappered.com

A bit steep for shorts, but the 9″ inseam will be appreciated by plenty, and the pindot chambray isn’t going to be easily replicated in other, cheaper forms.

The 30% off & free shipping no min. code FIESTA expires today, 5/5/14. Also note that there are exclusions to this promo. Their Sperry Topsider collection is one of them, as well is… wait, since when do they exclude Thompson Suiting from promos? Uh oh…