J. Crew 30% off Sale Items + Select Reg. Price

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WEEKEND = 30% off Sale Items + Select Reg. Price

These types of sales have become a trend. Whereas last year it seemed that J. Crew was sticking to their 30% off sale items, or 25-30% off $125+ sale events… these “select item” sales have become more and more frequent. They’re almost the default now. Where a seemingly arbitrary (but there must be a reason as to what gets picked) selection of items gets the cut w/ a code. Yet this group of items doesn’t seem to exist all on one page, but instead, the customer has to hunt and peck around the site for items with the 30% off with… distinction.

This time the code is good on sale items as well. All picks below had at least a decent size selection at post time. Code WEEKEND expires today, 5/27/14.


Seersucker button down in slim or regular – $52.50 ($75)

J. Crew Seersucker on Dappered.com

Pricey for just a shirt, but an airy, puckered, bright white seersucker shirt will look mighty fine all on it’s own, or, layered under a lightweight sportcoat (especially at night). Fearful of looking like you’re wearing high-end toilet paper? No worries… there’s always the Irish Linen option.


Ludlow Sportcoat in Italian Cotton – $159.60 ($228)

j crew unconstructed cotton in blue on Dappered.com

It’s honestly a bit underwhelming when you first take it out of the box… but then many will realize that it’s everything most other “summer” blazers aren’t. It’s unlined, super lightweight, still plenty sharp thanks to the smooth fabric, and available in a not quite normal true-blue (which looks darker in some light). Lower patch pockets & non-functioning buttons at the cuffs.


Macalister Classic – $101.50 or Brickman Boots – $97.99 ($148)

Grey Suede Boots on Dappered.com

What’s the difference? As is the case with humans… it’s the sole (or… soul) man. Right. Deep. Or, totally not deep at all. Both are made in Italy, but the Brickman has a smoother, easier to dress up sole. The Macalister classic has a standard desert-boot crepe sole. Available in more than just grey, but… this particular website bangs the drum, or, gong, or… rang(?) for grey suede chukkas.


6.5″ “Tab” Swim Trunks in Oxford Cloth or Seersucker – $52.50 ($75)

J Crew swimtrunks on Dappered.com

Not bad at all. A simple design, a not too long (or short) inseam, and the oxford cloth is made in a Cotton/nylon blend. Mesh lined as well.


Ludlow Sportcoats in linen – $181.99 ($328) or Cotton-Linen-Silk- $258.99 ($388)

Ludlow linen blazers

Both of these are already on sale. The sub $200 option has a herringbone pattern and has been stuck in the sale section for a bit. The Italian Cotton-linen-silk option looks to have a bit of a diagonal stripe to it, but that should blend in much more than the herringbone. Both are made from Italian fabric and partially constructed, so they should work decently in the heat. UPDATE: The cotton linen silk is now on FINAL sale, at 50% off, with the code SWEET


Tonal Seersucker Chino in Urban Slim – $55.65 ($79.50)

J. Crew seersucker pants on Dappered.com

An alternative to Oxford Cloth pants? Blue seersucker minus the traditional contrasting stripes. Careful on the fit though… “uban slim” is pretty darn slim. Hard to believe that they’ve got the 484, which is an an even slimmer cut than the Urban Slim.


Abingdon Dopp Kit – $40.60 ($58)

Abingdon dopp on Dappered.com

Surprisingly sturdy feeling, and the dual compartments & grab handle are both nice touches. Three filson-like shades to pick from. Maybe a good Father’s day gift for the travelling Dad?


Short Sleeve Baseball Henley – $27.99 ($49.50)

Baseball Henley on Dappered.com

Looks like something Mickey Mantle would have worn. Or, Jimmy Duggan. “I’m a goddamn Peach!” 


Vans Suede Chukkas – $42.00 $60 ($70)

Vans Suede Chukkas on Dappered.com

Can there be such a thing as summer appropriate high-tops? If there is, then these be them. Forty two bucks, and again, those are suede uppers… not canvas. Update: Damn. These are excluded… On sale for $60. Update II: These now do get the discount… extra 30% off with the code SWEET


Cotton Web Summer Belts

Summer Belts on Dappered.com

Those reversible belts (which show a bit of the flip side when worn) seem to carry that “just different enough” factor. Even if you have to lay down the $5 shipping, might be worth a shot. Otherwise, a good add on or free-shipping balance tipper.


Sportcoat in Glen Plaid Italian Linen – $271.60 ($388)

Italian Linen Blazer on Dappered.com

Gah. Just… Damn. Expensive still. Partially constructed, half-lined linen sportcoat in a deep navy that along with the pattern will help hide those inevitable wrinkles a bit better.


Indian Cotton Popover in Courier Blue Plaid – $24.49 ($75)

Al Borlands Vacation Shirt on Dappered.com

Al Borland takes a trip to the Caribbean!


Slim Secret Wash Banker Collar Shirt in End-on-End Cotton – $48.65 ($69.50)

secret wash banker collar on Dappered.com

And he brought Gordon Gekko with him? Traditionally stuffy banker-collar in a washed, rumpled cotton.

The Extra 30% off Sale Items + 30% off Select Reg. Price Items code WEEKEND ends today, 5/27/14.