Banana Republic 50% off Select Styles (Blazers, suits, & more)

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BRMORE = 50% off Select styles (& 40% off the rest w/ exclusions)

Hat tip to Dustin, Na, Matt, and Avisha for sending in style tips on this one.

Between this BRMORE code, and the now seemingly regular appearance of J. Crew select item sales… is this a signal that big retailers are tightening the reins on just what does, and what does not, get included in their promotions? Meanwhile, unlike J. Crew, B.R. HAS been kind enough to put all the select items that are good for the half-off cut in one place for your perusal.

The good news is that there’s more blazers (and even a few suits) to pick from here. That’s not usually the case with BR, but 50% off some of their blazers is absolutely worth note. As always, picks are limited to items with at least a decent size selection at post time, unless otherwise noted.


Tailored-Fit Partially Lined Navy Cotton Blazer – $125 ($250)

BR Tailored-fit Navy Cotton Blazer on

A newer arrival. Haven’t seen it in store yet, but it has the potential to be a cotton cousin of this. Maybe. Patch pockets, says it’s partially lined, and seems to have a nice texture to the fabric.


Tailored Fit Charcoal Cotton Twill Blazer – $112.50 ($225)

BR Tailored Charcoal Twill Blazer on

Not the right season for it, but still a nice staple for not too far north of a hundred bucks. The good thing about the tailored fit is that it’s not too tight, and the tails aren’t too short (for most). The bad thing? Most are fully lined in poly (or, with all poly/backs & sleeves), and it seems like almost all have functioning sleeve buttons. But, it ships and returns free.


Tailored Slim Fit Non Iron Pique Button Down Shirt – $39.75 ($79.50)

Tailored Slim-Fit Non-Iron Pique Button-Down in White on

Seen a few times that some of you guys swear by the BR “tailored slim” fit. Noticeably slimmer than the “slim” fit. Looks like this one is a substantial, pique-cotton button down.

Tailored Fit Cotton Nautical Blue Sateen Blazer – $72.50 ($198)

BR sateen lighter blue blazer on

Already on sale. Tried on the navy one in-store as well and loved it. Yet, LOTS of you guys reported super low armholes. Honest to goodness didn’t feel that in store (on either the navy or the “nautical blue”). They weren’t crazy high, but they weren’t Alfani Red (the Macy’s house brand) low either.  Fully lined, with the front being a blend of acetate and rayon, and the back/sleeves being all poly. IF you’re willing to take a slight risk with color (meaning, a brighter blue instead of deep navy) then it might be worth a shot. Ships free, doesn’t appear to be final sale either so it returns free too. Oh, and if you can pull off the even cheaper, much louder “ranger red”? Then more power to you. (Size shown above is a 38R and a 5’10” 180 lb frame would need a 40R. They didn’t have a 40R in store.)


Tailored-Fit Navy Italian Wool Suit Jacket & Matching Pant – $252.50 ($505)

BR Navy Italian Wool Suit Jacket on

Still one of the better fused suits on the market. The Italian wool is soft, smooth, and moves awfully well for it being fused. The problem is… the jacket is almost always excluded from codes & promos. And $505 is a Suitsupply. So usually it’s just not in the cards. But, this time both pieces get the half off cut. Had a pal get married in this suit. He looked great. They’re still very much together. One kid, nice house, four dogs… musta been the suit. UPDATE: The suit jacket is now no longer available for the half off code. Man, they really yanked some stuff around on this one.


Luxe Touch Polo – $22.25 $26.70 ($44.50)

BR Luxe-Touch Polo on

The sale section seems to give the impression that only a few colors get the 50% off discount… but… that doesn’t appear to be the case (for now?) if you put a few standard shades in your cart. Looks like all the luxe touch solids are up for the discount. UPDATE: These got the axe overnight as well. Now just 40% off.


Tailored Fit Khaki Linen Blazer – $112.50 ($225)

BR Tailored-Fit Khaki Linen Blazer on

“Fully lined”. SONOFA… Haven’t found this one in store yet, but hoping that at least there’s some acetate to the lining instead of all poly? (Probably not, but… fingers crossed.)


Silk/Linen V Neck Sweater – $34.75 ($69.50)

BR Silk Linen V-Neck on

A unique texture but nothing that feels bizarre. Nice thickness to the ribbing around the neck. Not the trimmest through the middle (would love it if BR started offering “slim” sizes for their sweaters…) but not enormous on normal body types either. Lots of colors to pick from. A summer version of BR’s very nice, fall/winter “extra fine merino” v-neck.


Slim Fit Linen/Cotton Button Down Shirt – $34.75 ($69.50)

BR Slim-Fit Linen Cotton Button-Down Shirt on

Just a reminder that BR’s “slim fit” isn’t super slim. Their “tailored slim” fit is as slim as they go, and the real trim dudes will probably be swimming in the standard “slim” fit. 55% linen / 45% cotton fabric is a nice mid to lighter weight but doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap. Button down collar makes for easy layering under lightweight spring/summer blazers. Lots of colors to choose from.


Pin Dot Polo – $22.25 ($44.50)

BR Pin-Dot Polo in Navy Star on

Fear not the dot! Or, dots. Contrast placket is a nice touch as well. 96% cotton and 4% spandex for a bit of stretch. Also available in a white base with navy dot.


Emerson Vintage Straight Fit Chino in Steel blue – $24.50 $41.70 ($69.50)

BR steel blue pants on

Already on sale. Very well reviewed, but it’s good to know that the Emerson DOES have the BR branding patch above the back right pocket. Wish they would have held off on that. Good summer shade of light blue, without going nuclear periwinkle. A true chino fabric. Could be a little lighter weight, but they move and feel very good. Size shown: 32×30 UPDATE: Strange… looks like some items moved out of the 50% off section over night. These had been already on sale, but now aren’t, and only the 40% off can be applied…


B.R. Vintage Straight 5-Pocket Pant – $44.75 ($89.50)

BR Vintage Straight Fit on

Terrific pants for those who are hooked on denim, yet try to break away from their favorite pair of blue jeans every once in a while. 99% cotton, 1% spandex, five-pocket styling and a slimmer yet not skinny cut. Sort of like a more affordable version of Bonobos Travel Jeans, but a little slimmer through the leg than the straight cut.


Slim-Fit Stretch Poplin – $29.75 ($59.50)

Slim-fit Stretch Poplin Dress Shirt in White on

A well-liked basic for plenty. A lightweight poplin with just a touch of stretch to the fabric. Nice shirt for layering. Holds up much better than the Express 1MX.

This 50% off select items / 40% off the rest (with exclusions) code BRMORE expires today, 5/28/14.