AAW: On Hiatus

Why Beth is stepping away for a bit...

Ask A Woman: This woman is taking a bit of a break.

You're hovering a bit there bucko.

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Hi fellas,

Well, it’s been fun. We’ve had some laughs, perhaps I’ve made a few of you cry (accidentally, of course). Now it’s time for me to say good-bye. See ya suckers!



CryingBabyNote: This is not the actual child in question.

I kid, I kid. But, I do have some news. The Ask A Woman column is going on hiatus for just a little bit as I try on a new hat—motherhood. Yes, I’ve procreated. I’m guessing half of you will be happy for me; the other half will probably fear for the genetic future of our species. Fair enough. For the next short while I’ll be adjusting to being a new mom, and the powers that be have graciously granted me some time off. Hopefully my son will grow up to be a Dappered reader, though no doubt he won’t listen to any of the sage advice I’ve dispensed here, since it will be coming from his clueless mother. In the meantime, the editor will fill this space with lots of good stuff, and hopefully my absence will make your hearts grow fonder. Keep sending me emails—I look forward to reading about what you’ve been up to when I get back. Don’t do anything too crazy while I’m gone. Actually, yes, do crazy things, then write to me about the mess you’ve gotten yourself into—it’s going to make for some great advice-giving opportunities.


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