Summer Suits, Indy Boots, & Cheap drivers – The Thurs. Handful

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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend, or sometimes, a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Expect these things when necessary. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


J. Crew Factory: 30-50% off + Extra 25% off w/ GiltCity

JCF gilt picks on

The Picks: Corded Cotton Jacket + Pant – $106.88 ($266), Glen Plaid Linen/Cotton Blazer – $77.63 ($148), Bedford Pant in Linen Cotton – $27.75

Many thanks to Zack on threads for pointing out that this year’s JCF Corded Cotton suits is half lined with cotton. That’ll work for a hundred-ish bucks. Shown above is last year’s model, which was also half lined with cotton. And many thanks to BJ McG in the comments over here for pointing out that the glen-plaid linen/cotton blazer is lighter & breezier than the herringbone option. Might have to take that one for a spin knowing now that there’s a difference. Gilt City still has the free extra 25% off vouchers, and they have to be used by 4/15.


DSW: $10 off $39, $20 off $69, $30 off $99 w/ UNREAL

merc drivers on

Loafers first featured over here. Made in Brazil, quite handsome in person, but seem to run a touch small. Also, like a lot of less-expensive drivers, the finish on the toes start to wear pretty quickly if you walk around quite a bit on pavement. But, that happens on many loafers (drives some nuts, others not). Lots of Mercanti Fiorentini picks above. The wholecut is awfully sharp for a black suit-worthy shoe. It’s got the chisel toe, and wholecuts will wrinkle up quickly, but it could still be a stunner for work. You’ve got to be signed up for their email club to use the code, and you should be able to stack the free shipping code SHIPR on top of UNREAL.


Macy’s: Extra 20% off Select Men’s Styles w/ DEAL

Hilfiger Tux on

The Picks: Hilfiger Trim Fit Shawl or Peak Collar Tux Jacket & Matching Pant – $227.98

Low $200s is usually about where these Hilfiger tuxedos bottom out. Anyone else think the button stance on the shawl collar jacket is a touch high? Maybe it’s just the pic. Who knows. Know that the “DEAL” code drops to 15% if you try and use it on shoes. Does seem to work on Allen Edmonds.

UPDATE: Looks like they might have jacked the price up overnight on the jackets. Apologies for that, these are now $276. Which… is okay, but not great for a Hilfiger suit.


J. Crew: Extra 30% off Sale, 50% off Final w/ FRESHSALE

jcrew 30 or 50 off

Doesn’t appear that there’s a ton new in J. Crew’s sale section, but a few items are now getting the 50% off FINAL cut that weren’t before. But that means no returns. Meanwhile, that Italian cotton-silk-linen would have made the best looking blazers post if it had been marked down yesterday. Lots of potential here thanks to the fabric and the half lining. Patch pockets are nice too. Still pricey, (especially when compared to the $77 Factory glenn plaid option) but hits a lot of good points, and it’s returnable at post time.


Banana Republic “Up to 40% off Select Styles” Sale

BR Chambray on

Sneaky BR. They’ve programmed many of us to react to codes for so long, that they run a “select items” sale and you might be tempted to just shrug it off. But there’s lots of blazers in this thing, including the chambray blazer that  was much talked about (and appreciated) in the comments over here. No word on what the lining is made out of quite yet?


The Splurge – Denim Bar: 20% off Everything w/ SPRING20

brown indys on

The Pick: Indy Boot in Brown Chromexcel – $409.60 ($510)

Big thanks to Andrew for sending in the style tip here. Aldens, even with a discount, are way… WAY out of range for a lot of us. But some of you guys seem to be more than happy to invest this kind of scratch on a pair from this legendary company. Anybody have experience with this particular store? There’s some info here. Never dealt with them personally. As far as the pick goes, good enough for Dr. Jones, good enough for the rest of us.

Also worth a mention