Style Scenario: The first sunny & warm day after winter

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. This one is going to be relative to where you live. Sometimes, 60 degrees feels like paradise. Sometimes it’s 80. All depends on what sort of weather you’ve been living in this year. You know it when it happens though. It’s that first day when women might consider wearing a summery skirt, restaurant patios are packed, and windows get thrown open everywhere. Top Photo Credit: R. Donovan

Style Scenario First Warm Day by Dappered

The Blazer: UNIQLO Patterned Unlined Cotton/Linen Blazer – $69.90 Looks to be a micro houndstooth? Sleeves will be a little long and the tail is gonna be a little short, but the sleeves are easily tailored (no functioning buttons here) and the more casual you go the less tail you can have on your jackets. Totally unlined except for the sleeves (hat tip to contributor Christian for scouting this one out). 63% linen / 37% cotton. Very breezy.

The Polo: B.R. Luxe Touch in Navy – $44.50Yes, you can wear a polo with a blazer without looking like you showed up to a restaurant that requires a jacket and you forgot yours. The key is to wear a real sharp & smooth polo. Banana Republic’s “luxe touch’ polos are slicker than snot… without that unfortunate snot-gross-out-factor. Go navy here. And if you decide you want to take your blazer off, the outfit still stands on its own quite well. It’s BR, so, hang out for a 30% off or more code. That said (and don’t tell GAP inc. this was said)… these things are probably worth full price.

The Pants: GAP 1969 slim twill in off-white – $64.95Don’t be afraid of white jeans. There’s a difference between super-thick, bright white jeans (think 501s… only in white) and twill pants that happen to have 5 pockets and are little less stark. These should be the latter. Should go on sale from time to time. Many thanks to Josh H. for pointing out that these, yes THESE, have been excluded from the most recent 35% off code.

The Shoes: Mercanti Fiorentini Two-Tone driving loafer – $69.95Made in Brazil from nice and soft leather. Even better looking in person.

The Watch: Tissot Heritage Visodate – $423.23PRICEY. But hard not to fall for the Visodate’s retro logo and classic good looks. Automatic movement. Out of the $ ballpark? An Orient Bambino or even a Timex Weekender works great here.

The Sunglasses: Original Penguin “The Keaton” 58mm Aviators- $78.00.  Probably not dynamite quality, but a good size for those of us with larger heads. Slightly more angular looking than AO original pilots. Ships and returns free through Nordstrom, which is key for sunglasses.

The Belt: Everlane Suede O-Ring Belt – $65.00Made in the USA. Not just a summer belt despite the lighter color. It’ll do just fine in the three other seasons. Wear the crap out of it.

The Drink: Cameron’s Kick. Scotch on a warm day? You bet. It’s a combination of blended Scotch, Irish Whiskey, orgeat, and lemon juice. Awfully refreshing but still has some body to it. More here.