Style Scenario: The casual, but not sloppy BBQ

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. It’s still too cold in some areas for shorts, but that time is a comin’. And that’s when the BBQs get pulled out, and friends get together for no reason other than to eat outside and enjoy the sun’s reappearance. But those things are usually casual affairs. Doesn’t mean you have to show up in cut offs & flip flops. Here’s our suggestion for a slightly sharpened up casual look that should work for grilling, Frisbee, or whatever else the lazy Saturday/Sunday afternoon brings.

Style Scenario: Casual but no Sloppy BBQ on

The Polo: Banana Republic Luxe-Touch Contrast Trim – $29.70 w/ BRBIRDIE ($49.50). It’s that contrast trim that really gives it the retro vibe. Almost a Mad Men quality there. Super smooth luxe-touch cotton is much sharper looking than a squishy pique or a dressed down jersey polo. Pocket gives you a place for your sunglasses when you head inside. Always on sale.

The Sunglasses: A.O. Original Pilot 55mm Black Frame with Bayonet Temples – $48.59Legendary for a reason. Whenever a different pair of sunglasses gets a mention, someone in the comments is bound to say: “What about the AO Original Pilots?!?”… and that’s understandable. 55mm should fit most men’s faces. Bayonet temples here, and a black frame cuts down on the rock star/chrome “bling” (ugh… hate that word) that most metal frame sunglasses reflect.

The Watch: Seiko 5 SNK809 – $49.50Sticking with the slightly retro theme here with a smaller diameter watch. Casual for sure. If you want something a bit bigger, it costs quite a bit more, but here’s the SNK809’s big brother for $125.

The Haircut: Shorter. Anyone else looking forward to their annual shorter-than-normal cut?

The Shoes: Converse Jack Purcell Canvas Sneakers – $54.95Seems like these aren’t quite as everywhere as they used to be, but they’re still a classic yet not boring sneaker for the summer. Much more comfortable than Chucks for a lot of us. Extra rubber at the toes give em’ a different look. UPDATE: Check out the comments. For those who are not immersed in menswear, it turns out that the Jack Purcell has taken a turn for the not-as-good recently. Had no clue. Maybe try taking the PF Flyers Center Lo for a spin.

The Beer: A lighter ABV IPA like Lagunitas Daytime (4.65%).  The proliferation of craft beer in the U.S. sparked something of an arms race in terms of Alcohol Content. But it’s no fun being sleepy drunk at 3:30 in the afternoon (well, some of you may disagree). Look for offerings from craft breweries under 5%, but still have been reviewed to have a good amount of taste. Laguinats delivers with “Daytime“,  so does Payette’s “Rodeo Rye“, and “Bitter American” from 21st Amendment brewing is another terrific pick. Puts plenty of standard light American Lagers and Pilsners to absolute shame.

The Shorts: Merona Men’s Chino Shorts in Green – $9.00 ($17). Some color without getting outrageous. Wear a white polo or light colored shorts and you’re guaranteed to spill something on them within 10.25 seconds of entering the party. You still might spill, but that stain will blend in better with these.

The Belt: Wheelman & Co. Thomas belt in navy – $29.00. Nice thing about web belts compared to leather belts is that you don’t feel compelled to match leathers with your watch band. In this case, they’re both textile materials, but the colors don’t match. Doesn’t matter.

Happy burger flipping/tri-tip roasting/beer brat grilling/etc… Don’t forget to keep the coals going for s’mores.