Simple Jewels for a Simple Lady

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Hello Beth!

My girlfriend and I have just celebrated our 2 year anniversary. I realized I should probably get jewelry for her sometime soon. I have zero experience in that field. I do know that she prefers more simple pieces of jewelry, nothing too extravagant. Any suggestions?

Best Regards,



Hi Jeff!

As a jewelry enthusiast myself, I think giving (and receiving, heyyo!) shiny, sparkly baubles is great. I’d love to help you pick out something nice (and on the simple side) for your other half. Just an aside, you mention that you feel like you “should” buy your girlfriend jewelry. But does your girlfriend like jewelry? Does she get excited about it, wear it often, comment on it when passing shop windows? Some women don’t care much about jewelry, and if that’s the case with your lady, don’t feel like this is something you need to do just because Kay says every kiss begins with her. If she is a fellow jewelry lover, then read on…


Although rose gold and yellow gold have seen renewed popularity over the last 5-10 years, I don’t think there will ever be a metal more timeless and appropriate than silver (or platinum or white gold, both of which are a silver color). It looks good on every skin tone, and next to every gem. It is beautifully combined with other metals. Here are three simple silver baubles.

Simple Silver Jewelry suggestions on

Silver teardrops – $26.25 ($70); Silver hoops – $60; Silver initial necklace – $98

Precious Gems

The other day, I declared to my husband, “Diamonds are over.” Now, he is not in the habit of coming home with a black velvet bag of diamonds, throwing it on the counter and saying casually, “Hey, I brought you something.” When we got engaged, when we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary, I got diamonds. And they’re beautiful and I love them. But lately I’ve been admiring all the other options out there for gemstones, all of which are so much more affordable than clear diamonds. The pieces below are simple and classic while adding a bit of color.

Simple Gemstone Jewelry suggestions on

Citrine studs – $48; Red garnet necklace – $38; Aquamarine studs – $67


I love that watches haven’t fallen by the wayside as an accessory, just because we all have cell phones and tablets. It’s possible this sentiment makes me hopelessly out of touch because the kids actually aren’t wearing watches, it’s just us olds. Be that as it may, watches are a great gift for other olds, especially the female ones. These picks are pretty simple as a group, but if you’re looking for a specific brand, Skagen makes slim, understated time pieces.

Simple Watches for her on

Armani Exchange watch – $140; Skagen watch – $100; Michael Kors watch – $160; Kate Spade watch – $175 ($250)

Designer Labels

Sometimes you just want a designer piece in your collection. It’s not prettier than an off brand, it’s not more valuable, materials-wise than an off brand, you just want to have that name sitting in your jewelry box. Shallow? Wasteful? Perhaps, but dudes, if you look in your own closet, I bet you can find a pair of shoes, a blazer, you paid more for because of the name. The pieces below make use of signature logos (the “T” for Tory Burch), charms (the mini bows for Kate Spade), and designs (the stamped silver for Tiffany) that are immediately recognizable to fellow devotees.

Designer Jewelry for her on

Tory Burch bangle – $95; Kate Spade studs – $48; Tiffany circle pendant – $150

I hope that helps! Jeff, you’ll notice I didn’t include any rings in this selection. My feeling is that it’s best to avoid giving a woman a ring as a gift, until after you’re married. With more and more women receiving aquamarines, amethysts, and so on as the main stone in their engagement ring, it can make for an awkward moment when opening a ring box–ummm, do I say thank you? Or yes? Avoid it by sticking with necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.


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