Most Wanted Affordable Style – April 2014

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Consider these to be power rankings.  Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or a quick upgrade for yourself, expect these to come around about once a month.  The potential best of the best, which you may or may not have seen already.  Agreements, disagreements, and additions are more than welcome in the comments section below.  Top Photo Credit: andrew_j_w .


5. American Eagle Field Jacket – $79.95 ($89.95)

AE field jacket in warm brown on

Yes, it’s American Eagle… BUT… it sure looks like a budget version of the Barbour Bond wore in Skyfall… only in a warmer brown shade. It’s a jacket, but cut in the shape of a blazer. Might be just the thing those of us sportcoat addicts who like to get outdoors would use the heck out of this spring. Efforting an in-person. Can’t seen any exterior branding (other than probably an “American Eagle” stamp on the buttons).


4. For UNIQLO to make a button-down collar polo… since it’s shown on the site

goddamn uniqlo make these again already. sincerely,

STOP BEING A TEASE UNIQLO. One way to solve the sometimes-problem of polo collar curl, is to throw a button down collar on it. Not many brands do this, but UNIQLO has done it in the past, and they currently have pics of button down collar polos on their site. Yet they’re not selling them. Strange. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried one either. The collar stands straight, looks great under a jacket, and helps frame your face.

UPDATE: And just like that, it appears these have been added, but in very limited sizes (in solids) over night/over the weekend. Just double and triple XL available at post time? Whut? Stripes are up and going though.

UPDATE II: All sizes are now available in solid navy and solid light blue, but not the others. Strange. Maybe it’s a slow roll out?


3. Polo “Willem” Ribbon Driver in Tan – $74.25 w/ RLGIVING2014 ($99)

Polo drivers on

Granted, not everyone is going to like (or tolerate) that ultra-preppy ribbon… but that’s one hell of a good looking driving loafer for seventy five bucks. Big fan of the tan shown above with the orange & blue stripe. All credit to Ralph Lauren for moving the POLO off the back heel and onto the side. It’s more subtle that way, and it allows for the more traditional nubby heel that’ll help grip your car’s floor as you shift through the turns.


2. “Transitional” 5-Pockets: Bonobos – $78 | Mossimo – $24.99

Bonobos Travel Jeans in teal on

There have been some signs of spring, but it’s not full blown summer yet. That means you might want to stash your dark denim for the bright sunny days, yet you don’t want to go with a loud Nantucket red, pink, or other super-summery shade of pants. Medium or light grey jeans work here, as do blues that nod towards the warmer weather. One option is the muted teal of the Bonobos Travel jeans in “North Bay Blues.” They’re not quite as loud in person as they look online, they’re made in the USA, and if you hang out for a code or sale, you can get em’ for under $70. Well worth it too. Made from Cone denim with a small amount of stretch. Both slim and straight fits have some sizes left. Want something much more afforable? Try Target’s Mossimo Canvas Pants in “Cornelian Blue” for $25.


1. The Splurge: Martenero’s customizable “Ace” or “Founder” – $485.00

Martenero Watches on

Get ready to lose 20 minutes of your day playing with all the different combinations. Nope. Not cheap for a Miyota automatic, but, they’re customizeable, assembled in Brooklyn, come with two straps of your choice, and have a Sapphire crystal + 100m water resistance. Choose from either of the two designs, and then go to town on picking your dial color (black/grey/white) second hand color, and leather & nylon NATO straps. You even pick which strap is attached when it shows up. Returns are free. Got one on the way for an in-person, but there’s plenty to look at over at Worn & Wound.


BONUS: That AMC’s “Turn” Picks up steam

Spies! The Revolutionary War! A period action/drama! But… the early reviews aren’t that great (anyone catch it last night? thoughts? Many were probably focused on Game of Thrones) This thing could be AMC’s next hit. But it seems to be stumbling out of the blocks.

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