J. Crew – Your 2014 Store Wars Champion

Back to back.

Congratulations J. Crew.

Back to back.

Well constructed blazers and suit jackets. Sales & codes that can be a big advantage if you’re willing to play the game. Well curated 3rd Party Merchandise that also can go on sale from time to time. A trimmer fit option in their knits and tees. And an overall aesthetic philosophy that sticks with classics yet takes calculated risks (A velvet shawl collar jacket for the winter? Sure.)

Some find it easy to lob criticism towards the top of the heap, but J. Crew is there for a reason. Yes, they’ve got their drawbacks, but when it comes to what they do extremely well, the gap between them & their competition sure seems to be big. Real big.

J. Crew… maybe taking themselves not as seriously anymore?

But what about next year? Is three-in-a-row possible? Or will their apparent MSRP-creep scuttle that attempt, opening the door for their budget line J. Crew Factory? Could a brand NOT named J. Crew (gasp) take the thing next year? Who do you think is the odds on favorite to win in 2015?

And what about the format for Store Wars? 2014 saw some changes to the format. Similar brands/stores faced off against each other in regions. Yet J. Crew and J. Crew factory met in the final once again. What about this idea to have regions based on categories of dress (suiting, business casual, the basics, etc…)? And where would you put the champ?

Leave it all below. Many thanks to all of you who voted/left comments. Once again, congratulations to J. Crew, back to back champ of Store Wars.

J. Crew 2014 Store Wars champ

You can see the complete, final bracket here.  See the final (it was close) between J. Crew and Factory here.  The full Store Wars 2014 archive is here.