Deconstructed Blazers, CT, & Tar-zhay – The Thurs. Handful

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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend, or sometimes, a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Expect these things when necessary. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


Target: Semi-Annual Men’s Wardrobe Sale

target men's wardrobe sale 2014 - part of The Thursday Handful on

They might have gotten stomped by Nordstrom in Store Wars, but plenty of us dip into Target awfully often. T shirts, polos, etc. Now they SAY this event is limited to online, but it still might be worth stopping into a brick & mortar to see if some of these deals are carrying over. Might make for a nice little Saturday. For example, those boots aren’t sold online, just in store, and the sale price apparently carries over to there. Anyway, free shipping kicks in at $50. UPDATE: Check out Kevin’s review of the blazer on reddit over here. Thanks to him for posting that in the comments…


Express: 40% off everything (no code needed)

Express deconstructed blazers - part of The Thursday Handful on

The Picks: Deconstructed Cotton/Linen Blazer in Blue, Grey, or White – $88.00 ($148)

Couple problems with Express blazers: 1. They’re usually lined in all poly… but these say they’re only half lined. So that’s a good start. 2. They don’t trickle down to brick and mortar stores as quick as you’d think. Still can’t find these things in person. Got one on the way for an up close though, so standby for that. Center vent, no word on the cotton/linen blend makeup.


Allen Edmonds: Anniversary Sale & New Clearance

AE anniversary Sale - part of The Thursday Handful on

The selection of models on discount for the anniversary sale isn’t… vast. By any stretch. But all shades of the McAllister are getting the discount, as well as black, brown, and bourbon Mora 2.0 double monks. Hanovers are now down to under $200 and you can see an in person review over here.

MEANWHILE… Their Factory Outlets are running another 2nds sale. Searchable inventory, with pics of the models up for grabs can be found over here. Here’s a first person account of the ordering process.


J. Crew Factory: 50% off Sitewide & New Arrivals

Thompson sportcoat in linen

The Pick: Factory Thompson Unconstructed Sportcoat in Linen – $84.00 ($168)

Hey now. Not a bad price if it works out. Says it’s partially lined too. One drawback: it’s not sold in exact chest sizes, and S/M/L/XL usually = more tailoring than normal. Patch pockets here, which is nicely appropriate for a more casual jacket. 


Charles Tyrwhitt: $29.50 Shirt Sale

Charles Tyrwhitt $29.50 Shirt Sale - part of the Thursday Handful on

The Picks: Sky mini grid check non-iron slim fit – $29.90, White pinpoint slim fit shirt – $29.90, Purple & navy Fine Grid Check – $29.90

Sale is limited to one order per person of up to 5 shirts. No free shipping though, and standard delivery is $9.95. But for $40, lots of guys swear by these things. And they are nice. The slim fit fits a 175 – 180 lb 5-10″ frame pretty darn good. Collars are good and substantial too. Just know that the second button is pretty high, so tieless would require undoing both the first and second. Access to the sale happens via this odd||||||||||||||| page. (Denzel? KING KONG AIN’T GOT SH*T ON ME!) Many thanks to Mark C. for the style tip.


BONUS: J. Crew: 30% off Select Styles, & Sale Items

J. Crew 30% off & Sale - part of The Thursday Handful on

Is this J. Crew’s thing now? “Select item” sales? Where they seem to pick an arbitrary bunch of stuff and give that bunch a cut? Well, perhaps it is their thing now. Anyway, Sliding this back in here from last week because the J. Crew Red Wing Beckmans are now accepting the code, and while there are limited sizes, they drop to $180 after the discount. Thanks to Brian B. for that tip. For those who think blazers without brass/gold buttons look like orphaned suit jackets (plenty of us think don’t think that and prefer the less Yacht club, tonal buttons), they’ve got their Club Blazers on sale as part of this deal. Thinkin’ they’ll get dumped into the sale section at some point and see major, further cuts… probably due to those buttons.

Also worth a mention