Brooks Brothers 30% off Select Shoes & Accessories Sale

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Brooks Brothers: 2 for $899 Summer Suits & Shoe/Accessories Event

This is an odd one. The graphics in their emails and on their website really seem to push the 2 for $899 summer suit deal, but then barely make mention of the 30% off select shoes & accessories event that’s going on at the same time. And it’s the latter that most will find appealing.

Nine hundred dollars is a LOT to lay down at any given time, especially if you’re limited to suits in the Brooks Brothers “summer” collection. That said, there are a couple of suits that are maybe worth taking for a spin, and it breaks down to $450 a pop. So, Suitsupply territory. Those suits are at the bottom of the post. First though, the shoes & accessories worth a look. A warning… this is Brooks Brothers, so it’s not gonna be cheap.


Allen Edmonds for Brooks Brothers Cap Toes – $257.60 ($368)

AE for BB Cap Toe on

Basically the AE Park Avenue. But you get a rubber sole at no extra charge (it’s an extra $50 if you go through AE and want a rubber sole). Also, if memory serves, the Brooks Brothers AEs have a different insole with more padding. Available in a classic dark brown, or black. Not gonna go out of style anytime soon.


Brooks Brothers Perforated Cap Toes – $257.60 ($368)

BB Perforated Cap Toes on

Pretty much the Fifth Avenue. A quarter brogue. Like the plain cap toes above, these come with a rubber sole that should provide a bit more grip than a standard leather sole. Available in black, brown, or the walnut shown here. Now, why these aren’t labeled  “Allen Edmonds for Brooks Brothers” is beyond me. Pretty sure they’re made by AE though?


Brooks Brothers Medallion Perforated Captoes – $257.60 ($368)

BB Strands on

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd these would basically be Strands. Also comes with a grippy rubber sole here, where you’d pay for that to be applied through Allen Edmonds. Made in the USA, Goodyear welted, etc…


Rancourt & Co. Boat Tie Moccasins – $173.60 ($248)

Rancourt & Co Boat Tie Moccasins on

That profile? Get Low. How much though? WHAT? But made in the USA. YEAHHHHHHHHH.


Brooks Brothers Unconstructed Nubuck Tassel Loafers – $117.60 ($168)

BB Tassel Loafers on

Seems like the older you get, the more accepting you may be to tassel loafers. (Y’know how they’re kinda like Mail Planes, right?) Made out of nubuck, a sleek enough looking shape, and what sure appears to be stitched soles. Oh, a little fugly for you? Really? You want something real fugly? You shall get it then….


Suede Kiltie Tassel Loafers – $208.60 ($298)

Suede Kiltie Tassels on

…WAIT. Before you freak out… hear these things out. If you’ll be spending more of the spring & summer in lightweight chinos, a dress shirt, and an unconstructed blazer (instead of shorts and a polo)… these could make quite the Italian-Gent impression. Made in Italy too. Right… no, you’re right. These are proof of the Boring is Bad and That’s Bad Theory.


Silver Plated Made in the USA Snapper Links – $157.50 ($225)

BB Snapper Cufflinks on

You’ve seen em’ here before. For all the brides-to-be out there, scouting out gifts for the future husband… maybe these? If he wears French cuff shirts?


Matte Tortoise Plastic Green Lens Sunglasses – $59.50 ($85)

BB Sport shades on

Y’know? Not bad looking at first glance. Although it’s sorta hard to get a read on how these would look in person (since there’s just one angle to look at). Looks like they’ve got a style-forward sporty thing going for them? Made in Italy.


Cedar Shoe Valet & Essentials Kit – $89.60 ($128)

A real nice setup for someone who’s looking to upgrade from the ol’ Kiwi travel kit. A made in the USA Cedar shine box, two horsehair brushes, two daubers, and black and brown shoe creme. BUT HOW MUCH EXTRA CAN IT HOLD?!?  Well I’m glad you asked. The video above demonstrates. Full review over here.


Golden Fleece Embossed Card Case – $68.60 ($98)

Brooks Golden Fleece Card Case on

Yes, that’s a lot of money for a card case. And while there are some with a zero-tolerance for logos, those who have a tolerance for logos (or, “gasp” allow a guilty pleasure every now and then) will probably be pleased with the tonal embossed golden fleece pattern on this one.


Fitzgerald Fit Navy Linen + Italian Wool/Cotton Melange = $899 ($1396)

BB Suit Sale on

Yes, a dark linen (or any summery fabric for that matter) suit seems to be a bit contradictory. Why wear a super summery, breathable fabric in a dark color that’ll soak up the sun’s rays? Because warm summer evenings’ out happen, and they’re surprisingly wearable in our air conditioned 21st century world. Plus, the wrinkles that happen don’t stand out as much on darker fabrics. It’s a big leap of faith, but a dark navy summer fabric suit is one of those things you might find yourself wearing, a lot, if you get it.


BrooksCool Fitzgerald Blue Tic Suit + BrooksCool Solid Navy Suit = $899 ($1396)

BB Cool Suits on

From their website: “BrooksCool® is a unique line that features an innovative blend of natural wool and engineered fibers in order to create a garment which is ultra-lightweight, breathable and both crease and water resistant.” Hmmm. Well, first, a reminder that not all synthetics are bad (you think there’s a Gore-Tex tree out there?), and if this one is really engineered to be breathable & lightweight… what’s to say you couldn’t wear the thing year round? Has anyone gotten their hands on and torso (& legs) in one of these BrooksCool suits?


The Paul Hogan Special: Alligator Gloves – $1398.60 ($1998)

croc gloves: Channel your inner Dundee /

Excellent! Perfect for spending… half of the average tax refund. Yeah. No.

The Brooks Brothers 2 for $899 summer suit / 30% off select accessories sale runs through Monday 4/21. A reminder, Brooks Brothers shipping can be steep.