Best of Threads – Manliness, Denim, Spring Fashion, and More

Plus go-to polos for spring.

What’s Dappered Threads? It’s our forum. Launched in 2011, Threads has become a not too big, not too small, just-right-sized forum that doesn’t put up with snobbery. All thanks to the users and hardworking mods. Once a month, one of the mods from Threads provides us with a highlight package of the last few weeks.


Best Friday Challenge – How Manly Are You?


Dappered Gents were challenged to present their most manly outfit in this weeks Friday Challenge contest. The challenge showcased several “manly” interpretations, including ZachG’s winning outfit that showed off his inner woodsman. As bruschetta put it: “I would see this movie.” Check out the rest of the manly submissions  over here.


Best Tired of Winter Thread – “Go-To” Polo

Some of the country saw snow this week. It’s almost April. Even those who really, really like winter have got to be itching for Spring. Break out the Mint Juleps, slip-on shoes, linen jackets, and of course – polos. There are a lot of great polo options on the market, so many that it can be hard to choose. Check out this thread before making your next polo purchase and see what Dappered readers are buying this season.


Best Thrift Find – Baracuta Jacket


Threads member cotoks recently scored this amazing Baracuta jacket for , wait for it… $1.62.


Best Advice – Finishing Touches

“A good barber would be the expert you need to find. Some things the Internet can do. A hair cut ain’t one of them.” – Duvel


Best How Do You Wear It Thread – “Denim”

denim on denim

Denim can be an incredibly versatile style that is often overlooked. Colored denim options and lightweight travel style jeans are becoming more popular while some still prefer more traditional options. How do you wear your denim? Have you considered trying new styles of denim recently? Have you considered literally “lightening up” and going with medium or lighter washes? Let us know where you stand…


Best Offtopic Thread – When Did You Start Caring?

Can you recall the exact moment or period in time when you started to care about your style? Hear stories from fellow Dappered Gents and share your own story. “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

Many thanks to moderator tdig for assembling this month’s Best of Threads. Want more? Head on over to Threads and take a spin around. Top Photo: Ethan K.