Tiers, F&Fs, 60% off an Orient, & More – The Thurs. Handful

Plus cheap suede wingers get cheaper.

Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend, or sometimes, a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Expect these things when necessary. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


Orient: 60% off their Aviator Line w/ gogreen

60% off the Orient Aviator Line - part of The Thursday Handful on Dappered.com

The Pick: Aviator Leather Band FEM7A008R9 – $100 ($260)

That’s a wow-worthy-price for a sturdy as hell automatic. Bezel rotates with a super satisfying “click”, hands are classic aviation style, numbers are super easy to read, and the dial is quite luminous. Also available with a black or blue dial on a stainless band for $116 during the promo. Ships free. Code expires on St. Patrick’s day, 3/17/14. Full review here.


Club Monaco: 20% off $200, 25% off $300, 30% off $500 w/ SPRING

Club Monaco stacked sale - part of The Thursday Handful on Dappered.com

That must-spend threshold is steep… but… word is 3rd party is a go for this code. Barbour’s quilted Liddesdale is right under that first threshold, so you’ll need to add something small (like the comb) to tip the balance. Take a bow Wolverine 1000 mile collection… that’s three handfuls in a row that you’ve made an apperance (previous two weeks were via East Dane). And that Bond jacket? You gotta be a serious 007 freak to drop half a grand on that thing. God Bless ya if you are and you do.


Banana Republic: 50% off in store F&F*

BR FandF

*But ya gotta get your hands on a one time use code/flyer

Truth be told: I got no idea how these things get distributed (thanks to David D. for passing one along to yours truly). Employees seem to get a bunch, and they can pass them along from there. One of if not the best code of the year since exclusions are usually minimal to none, and you can take 50% off up to 5 full priced items in store. But you have to get your hands on one of these things. Otherwise, BRLUCKY should take 40% off (with the usual exclusions?). Also, might want to try STYLE25 on top of that. Reports are that sometimes STYLE25 stacks as long as it’s a full priced item? Hat tip to Ryan N. and Derrick C. for the tips.


J. Crew Factory: Extra 30% off Sitewide w/ SHOPSPRING

J. Crew Factory 30% off - part of The Thursday Handful on Dappered.com

That’s better. Is it… “best”? As in as good as prices will get? Gonna guess that the answer there is no. But the Thompson might not dip by a whole heck of a lot more (maybe another $20? $30?). So you’ve got time. But if you want it early so you can get it tailored in time for the first warm days… hmm. Code SHOPSPRING ends Sunday 3/16.

UPDATE: If you live near one of the physical J. Crew Factory outlet stores… try there. They’re offering half off everything through St. Patrick’s Day. Thanks to drocpsu and Zach in the comments for the tip!


Express: $15 off $30, $30 off $75, and $60 off $150 w/ 1230

Express Suede Wingers on Dappered.com

The Pick: Suede Wingtips – $45.60 ($108)

Big thanks to Jeremy G. for the tip here. Express also does free shipping no min w/ their shoes. Full review here. Big fan when 40% off, and now at more than half off, they’re extra nice. But know that not everyone is a fan. From the comments on the review: I just got these and they are going back. The size is true, the look is as pictured, but what I’m a bit stunned at is how the quality of the sole isn’t mentioned anywhere in this review. I’ve seen $10 flip-flops at Target that are higher quality… For $65, I expect a lot more.”  Expect more? Sole seemed fine to me. Synthetic, but fine.


BONUS Jack Spade: 50% off Final Sale Items w/ SECRET

Jack Spade Secret Sale Brief

The Picks: Waxwear Turnpike Brief – $179.50 ($395), Wesson Leather Brief in Espresso – $149.50 ($425), Stone Burlap Accordion Brief – $164.50 ($350)

Yes, Jack Spade is a direct advertiser this month. Full disclosure there. And no, they didn’t pay to have it mentioned here. But the sale is worth a mention in the handful. Two drawbacks: 1. they make you hand over your email and zip to see the items. Sorta stinks. 2. All items are final sale. No returns. So be careful. But that vintage bank bag inspired Waxwear Turnpike brief has made a most wanted list before. And $150 for a leather brief? Not bad.

Also worth a mention