The Royal Up and Down and the cursive admission.

A little weekend reading for your pleasure.


MEANWHILE...meow, emphasis on the ow.

EXTREME REACTION: I had an interesting reaction to this. I went from “whoa – that’s really unfortunate” to “well it’s not that shocking considering the poor guy’s track record” to “wait a minute, did they really print that? (second paragraph).”

EXTREME REACTION PART 2: There are so many scared old white men in this country.  And yes that is hyperbole. And no I don’t want to encourage discussion on the merit of the argument. I just want to poke fun. Is that so wrong? Wait. Nevermind.



BEEN THERE, DONE THAT…got the t-shirt. But, really, some of this is kind of funny.

WE’RE GOING TO NEED A BIGGER BOAT: A fascinating tale of a great white mama shark. 

WORST TEST EVER? Having seen the results of Alzheimer’s in person, I think I might find this useful.

LOVE: This right here makes me feel funny.


THE MATH: It doesn’t add up. And it seems pretty silly too.

HOO BOY…the fact that I kind of totally think this is a great idea instantly calls me out as an old nerd. And that hurts.

SCIENCE IS THE $#!%: This is just kind of awesomely ridiculous.



I SEE DUMB PEOPLE: Sometimes it seems like some people just make their way through life with absolutely no idea how this thing called life really works.

CAN’T HAVE THAT NOW, CAN WE? It would seem that Tesla is scaring the competition.

BANK: This is why marijuana will be more legal than not in the very near future.

INCOMING! This looks fantastic.

Bonus INCOMING. The thing is, I may have run this before but even if I have, it’s worth a second look.

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