Ten stylish picks for under $10. Polos, Pocket Squares, & More

It's all about the Hamiltons... baby?

When did everything get so expensive? Prices sure seem to be on the rise, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few impulse-buy priced, yet still worth having in your collection items out there. Ten of the best, each under ten, are below. Feel free to leave any current favorite sub $10 picks of your own in the comments.


TheTieBar Royal Blue Gingham Pocket Square – $8.00

royal blue gingham pocket square by thetiebar on Dappered.com

Navy is good too, but Royal Blue might see more use (since it still goes with a navy suit, but doesn’t look too matchy). Wear it with a lighter grey sportcoat, jeans, and some suede shoes.


jcp French Terry Striped or Contrast Crew – $5.24 w/ SAVE2DAY ($36)

Insane jcp sweater prices on Dappered.com

Been in a JC Penney lately? There seems to be piles of Ron Johnson / Wooster stuff at garage sale prices. At least, that’s what a few of you guys have been reporting. UPDATE: An extra 25% comes off w/ the code SAVE2DAY. Thanks to you guys in the comments for the tip.


Keeping an extra Deodorant & some foot powder in your desk ($6 – $10)

deodorant and foot powder

It’s been a long day, but you want to head out for a drink or grab a bite to eat right after work. You feel scuzzy, but don’t have time to head home for a shower. An extra swipe of deodorant and some foot powder in your shoes goes a long way when you wish you could clean up… but can’t. More suggestions on what to keep in your work desk drawer over here.


Target Mossimo Athletic Fit Jersey Polos – $14.99 (but might go on sale for $9.99?)

Mossimoi Polo Return on Dappered.com

WHAT? They’re back. After a few years on hiatus, the Mossimo, no-logo, Athletic Fit Jersey polos from Target have made a triumphant return. 60% cotton, 40% poly, super soft and nice and trim. In the past these have gone on sale for $9.99. And at that price (or, even at full price) they’re a heck of a bargain. Many thanks to reader Chris for sending in the style tip on these.


Areaware Bottle Opener – $8.99 ($35)

areaware bottle opener on Dappered.com

With magnets! One magnet catches the cap, the other allows you to stick it to your fridge. Manly enough design. Ships free.


Get your car washed – $6 – $10 (sometimes more)

car wash 10

Doesn’t matter if you get out to the local coin operated car wash, or run it through a drive through. Now’s the time of year when our cars start to look absolutely dreadful. That first day it cracks 50? Treat the ol’ ride to a scrub.


Stone + Cloth Twill Utility Case – $9.97 ($34)

Stone + Cloth Utility Case on Dappered.com

Keep your pens, small notebooks, and other small stuff contained.  9″W x 5″H x 1/4″D. Appears to be made in the USA too. Ships & returns free through Nordstrom.


OXO Zester/Channel Knife – $7.95

peel it peel it good / Dappered.com

The next time someone comes over and you offer them a drink, this’ll make adding a twist of lemon or orange peel that much easier. The channel knife in the middle makes taking a twist off a piece of citrus incredibly easy. That, and the next time you’re elbow deep in some recipe and it calls for lemon zest, you’ll have the tool to do the job (the little sharp holes on the end).


Old Navy Color Block Pocket Tee – $9.00 ($14.94)

ON Pocket Tee on Dappered.com

Something to keep in mind if you’re just shy of the $50 GAP inc. free shipping threshold. Consider sizing down.


Nordstrom Cotton Blend Socks – $30 for 3 pairs

Nord Socks on Dappered.com

Your socks should match your pants. Unlike socks that match your shoes, socks that match your pants make your legs look longer, and thus, you taller overall. So between navy suits and dark wash blue jeans, it’s good to have a pile of navy socks on standby. These from Nordstrom ship free, stay up on your calves, and have a nice texture to them. They’re  soft enough, but they also feel strong. They’re not squishy all cotton gym socks, and they’re not paper thin scratchy dress socks. Somewhere in between. Available in six different colors. Yeah, that works out to $10 a pair (so not technically “under $10″) but with the free shipping & returns, we’ll let it slide.

Got a favorite, ultra-cheap style buy that’s worth sharing? Leave it in the comments below…