St. Patrick’s Day 2014 – The Best of Green

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Green gets the shaft.  Kermit knows this.  For 364 days out of the year green takes a back seat to blue, black, grey, and a host of other colors.  But not on St. Patrick’s day.  That’s the one day when Green reigns supreme.  In honor of Green and St. Patrick’s Day, here’s the annual list of green things maybe worth the green in your wallet…  Top Photo Credit: James Vaughn


1. A green tipped cotton or linen pocket square – $8$20.99

Green Tipped Pocket Square on

Adds a nice shot of alternate color if you’re doing the all blue thing. Looks plenty fine with a medium grey suit + light blue shirt too. That one pictured above is an Italian Linen from J. Crew that drops to $20.99 if you use the code EXTRA40. Still kinda pricey, but can be a nice free-shipping balance tipper. Want something much more affordable? Try thetiebar.


2. GAP lived in slub polo – $17.70 w/ ALERT ($29.95)

GAP lived in slub polo in "Emerald" /

A nice all-cotton alternative to the cotton/poly blend Target Mossimo. Still plenty casual thanks to the slub knit (that’s the kind that is a rougher in texture knit, but still really soft). Perfect shade of “Emerald”. Code “ONEDAY” is good for 40% off through today, 3/17/14.


3. Dolin Dry Vermouth – $15.99

Dolin Dry on

So much attention is paid to the gin (or vodka) in a martini, but not enough is paid to the vermouth. Dolin is fantastic stuff. As our official Bartender put it, Dolin Dry “stands out for its bright herbal flavor that shines in a classic gin martini“. It’s clean, crisp, and doesn’t mute the flavors of the gin. Makes a terrific Duplex or Perfect Manhattan. Look for the green bottle and classic green label.


4. Filson original brief – $248.00

Filson Brief on

Many will prefer the Tan option (now each on sale for 15% off w/ code BB15), but the “Otter Green” is about as authentic looking as it gets. Made in the USA.


5. Everlane Slim Sweater Blazer – $98.00

Everlane Knit Blazer on

The kind of “blazer” you could easily wear over a polo with jeans & sneakers. Since this is basically a sweater cut in a blazer pattern, tailoring won’t be happening. All cotton with what appears to be a wool undercollar. Free shipping if it’s your first order.


6. Lands’ End Canvas Slim Fit Moleskin Cargos – $39.99 ($78)

LEC Moleskin cargos on

Thicker, soft moleskin is warm enough for when the weather turns nasty, but not so toasty that you can’t wear it on a crisp spring day. Perfect for a weekend in the mountains. Usually can be had for less if you hang out for a code.


7. Beckel Canvas “Possibilites” bag – $65.00

beckel green on

Made in the USA from 20 oz canvas, beefy cotton webbing, and leather accents. Not the biggest sucker at 18″x12″x8″, but it should make a good looking gym bag, or weekender if you pack light.


8. Seiko 5 SNK 37 mm – $59.99 or SNZ 42mm – $90.00

Green Seikos on

Little brother & big brother. Both for super affordable prices and powered by the dependable, comparatively cheap, Seiko 5 automatic movement.


9. TheTieBar Wool/Silk Pinstripe Tie in Olive – $15.00

TheTieBar Green Tie on

Blue ties. Red ties. Sometimes a grey or black tie. No one ever reaches for green. But this green-leaning “olive” in 70% wool and 30% silk is muted yet still brings the color. 2.5″ wide. Has been a favorite for years.


10. Bonobos Oxleys in Pale Green – $98.00

Bonobos Oxleys on

First, yes… they’re crazy expensive. But Bonobos does run sales, and their oxleys tend to end up in the sale section (they dropped to $33 last year). Second… they’re crazy comfortable. Cut from oxford cloth, these things are super breezy, wildly soft, and they still look good and polished. Wear them on the hottest of days with a polo, or for early evening drinks with a breathable blazer. As far as the green goes, it’s surprisingly versatile. Much more so than a Nantucket Red.


BONUS I: Tesla Model S – $58,570 – $106,570

Tesla S

0-60 in 4.2 (on the most powerful model). Sharp styling but still has curves. Consumer Reports gave it a 99/100. And… it’s electric. Keep an eye out for these on the street (seems like there’s more and more on the road). Available in a few colors. Not just the green above. Plenty “green” even if it’s not painted as such.


BONUS II: Christina Hendricks’ 2008 Emmy Awards Dress

CH2008 - Great googly moogly

An annual tradition.  Great googly moogly.

Got a favorite piece o’ green that didn’t make the list? Leave it below. Have a safe St. Patrick’s Day, and remember, Guinness trumps lite beer that’s been greened up with food coloring every single time.