Most Wanted Affordable Style – March 2014

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Consider these to be power rankings.  Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or a quick upgrade for yourself, expect these to come around about once a month.  The potential best of the best, which you may or may not have seen already.  Agreements, disagreements, and additions are more than welcome in the comments section below.  Top Photo Credit: andrew_j_w .


5. Rossling & Co. Silver & White w/ Blue Hands Watch – $159.00

Rossling Y Co. Blue Hand Watches on

No, not all Kickstarter watch brand launches end in a pile of ACK Kathy ACKKKK! These tweed strap, Sapphire crystal, minimalist watches were born on Kickstarter and have since become a real, honest to goodness option. Five different strap color options, three dial/hand setups, 40 mm in diameter, just 7mm thick, and the guts are Swiss Quartz. Shipping also appears to be free here in the U.S. Working on a potential in person, so stand by. Kickstarter supporters seem to have started to recieve their “rewards” in the last couple of weeks, so, they’ve just about crossed the finish line there.


4. Getting your favorite summer sneakers out of storage

Favorite summer sneakers on

Or, getting a new pair if in need. You want something with a breathable canvas upper, some decent cushioning, and classic good looks. Might need to wear socks with em’ until it warms up, but that first day of “oh, it feels like Spring” is a coming. Then, lose the socks and fire up the BBQ. From Left: Superga 2750, PF Flyers Center Lo, and Tretorn’s (pricey) Linen option.


3. Banana Republic Trench w/ removable Quilted lining – $146.25 w/ MARCH

BR Trench on

April showers bring May flowers, but March Rain/Snow mix in the low 40s calls for a lightly insulated, classic Trench. And Banana Republic seems to crank out a new model every year that does the trick. This year’s is a 100% cotton shell option, but it feels like it’ll keep at least some of the rain from soaking in (has a tighter weave/seems like it might be coated with something?). The interior is an easy to disconnect (when it gets warmer) quilted lining, that if memory serves, might be useful as a super-light vest. Construction is fantastic for mid to low $100s (with codes), and the fit is trim. If you’re inbetween sizes you’ll want to size up to get this thing on over your blazers/suit jackets comfortably. Size shown above is a medium. Code MARCH is good for 35% off BR, & GAP (30% off Old Navy) through tomorrow.

UPDATE: As Dackman points out in the comments, you get 40% off if you use a BR/GAP/ON credit card, and as of right now (a.m. 3.3.14, that 40% off is working on blazers IF you use that GAP inc. credit card.


2. Everlane Suede Weekender – $135.00 (and somewhere to go with it)

Everlane Suede Weekender on

Once upon a time, travelling was a luxurious experience. And maybe it’s the long winter dragging on (and on) but some of us are starting to get a raging case of Cabin Fever. Gotta get out. Gotta go somewhere. By plane, train, or automobile, and even if it’s for just a short weekend trip to a nearby city… go. Go somewhere and make it feel high class. Even if it’s on a budget. Which is sorta what a $135 suede duffel accomplishes.  Not as cheap as canvas, but man, that suede. Looks and feels first class. 2244 cubic inches. So not the biggest thing, but pack smart and you’ll be good for a few days. Available in brown, coal, or garnet red.


1. Banana Republic Silk/Linen V-Neck – $69.50

BR silk Linen V-Neck Sweater on

Hang on now. These could end up being fantastic. It’s like they “springed” up/summerized their very nice extra-fine Merino V necks. 55% Silk, and 45% linen. Collar looks like it doesn’t dip too low, and there’s some decent width to the ribbing (too thin and it can lose shape easily). Has the “BR Picks” distinction, so no codes can be used quite yet, but at 40% off you’re looking at $41.70 a pop. Six colors to pick from. The silk should provide smoothness and strength, with the linen being lightweight and possibly adding a bit of texture? Maybe? Looking forward to getting hands on with these.


BONUS For the Younger Guys: AOM “Heading Out on Your Own” – $11.83

If you’re about to jump out of the Parental Ship for the first time, or have a younger brother, a cousin, or even a son ready to leave home, this’ll make a great gift. If you yourself are on the way out, Godspeed to ya, and consider having this reference guide by The Art of Manliness on hand. You’ll get their advice and how-tos on doing laundry, making a budget, handling roomates, and more. $11 – $12 for a paper copy, or $6.99 for Kindle. More from AOM here.

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