In Review: The Rossling & Co. Kickstarter Watch

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Rossling & Co. Watches – $159.00

Editor’s Note: While Kickstarter certainly has its risks, especially when it comes to style/fashion, sometimes a well thought out project gets funded, delivers the rewards, and then moves into the general commerce arena. That recently happened with Rossling & Co. This is a guest post from Matt C., a reader who saw the Rossling & Co. kickstarter, supported the campaign at the super-early bird price of $99, and recently had his “reward” delivered.

Supporting a Kickstarter project can be a bit of a roller coaster. You get excited about supporting something you think has potential, you look forward to your reward, and then… the delays happen. I received my watch a month past the original shipping estimate. That’s disappointing, but delays seem to be common, especially when a project gets this over-funded.  The brothers who launched the Rossling & Co. project got almost 10 x the amount of support they were asking for ($170,000 vs. their $19,200 goal). That’s a lot of watches to make, and they tried to keep the supporters updated through the process via their Kickstarter page.

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I was an early supporter, and was able to choose a white dial on a grey tweed strap for $99. When they reached a stretch goal and “unlocked” the option of blue hands, I opted in for those. Then, I waited. And waited. And when it arrived… I was at first disappointed with the presentation, but after a full week of wearing the watch it has become a new favorite in my growing collection.

The box came packaged in a cheap looking white box with stiff padding. No commemorative card or instruction manual inside. Just the watch. The crown felt a little stiff when I got it, and it still is a week later. The logo is printed on the dial, and an applied logo would probably look quite a bit better. But overall, after wearing it, I really like this watch.

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The 40mm watch face diameter is perfect. It never feels too big or too small. It’s very slim, slides easily under a shirt cuff, and it’s certainly lightweight, but doesn’t feel cheap. The case around the Sapphire crystal is sturdy, and feels solidly assembled. No chrome plated plastics to be found here. The lugs are nicely shaped, and those screw-down strap bars are functional. So changing the strap isn’t as easy as popping out the spring bars with a spring bar tool. The hour markers are applied with a shiny metallic finish, while the minutes are darker.

The grey tweed strap is a winner. Available in five different shades, but the grey goes with everything. I always match my shoes, belt, and watch strap, yet when I was wearing this watch, I noticed the strap looked great on any outfit I paired it with; looking equally great with black or brown shoes. Tweed is a unique choice of material and manages to look formal with a suit, rugged with a plaid shirt, and casual with anything else. Width on the strap is 20mm. Flipping the watch over reveals the brushed titanium case back. I love the engraving “Founders Edition” along with the manufacturing number. That, to me, adds something special for a watch at this price point. 

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The movement is a Swiss Quartz that thankfully doesn’t make a loud “ticking” sound as it operates (Timex Weekender owners are familiar with this sound). Each watch comes with a 1-year warranty.

Despite the wait and initial questions about quality due to the first impression I got from the packaging, I’m glad I supported the Rossling & Co. Kickstarter. Especially at the super-early bird price of $99. Between the surprisingly versatile style, the tweed watch strap, and nice feeling quality, I think the now, non-kickstarter price of $159 won’t leave many disappointed.

Matt C. is a Minneapolis Designer and a proud mid-westerner. To him, Beer and cheese is the perfect meal. He would ride his bike everywhere, if it wasn’t so dang cold where he lives. He drinks “Soda” and measures distance in hours.