3 Pieces of Advice for Self Appointed Style Experts

"I am SO good at dressing myself!"

Unsolicited advice is the worst. Unless it’s done anonymously over the internet, with the best of intentions… and then maybe it’s okay. Maybe. Monday was for the rookies. Yesterday was for those who have been at this for a bit. Today is for those who consider themselves “experts”.

#1. Resist getting weird.

So you’ve got it pretty much figured out. Awesome. But there’s a threshold one risks crossing. At some point, normal becomes boring, and the risk is you start reaching for extremes just to keep yourself entertained. At first, some will probably think it’s charming. Cute even. But left unchecked, you quickly spiral into the realm of inappropriate and flat out bizarre. It’s The Depp Effect. And then, it’s tough to be taken seriously. Most of us use style as a tool. Keep in mind what purpose you’re using that tool for.

Boring isn't bad / Dappered.com

“Boring” doesn’t mean bad to all. Or any.


#2. Pass along knowledge & your opinion… when asked.

A lot of us have probably been asked at one time or another from a friend or acquaintance to provide some sort of advice on style. And that’s a flattering thing to be asked. If they didn’t think you looked good, they wouldn’t ask. And we all remember what it was like starting out. It was hard. Embarrassing even. And many of us didn’t WANT to ask someone where they got their shoes, or why their suit looked so good. But just because you think someone might want to ask a question or two, doesn’t mean you should preemptively answer them. You’re not their personal stylist, and most of the world finds the topic of men’s clothing excruciatingly boring. Wear it. Don’t share it. Unless asked, then yes, absolutely.

keep it to yourself mr fancy pants

If they didn’t ask, then don’t offer your advice.


#3. Keep it in perspective

This is different than #1. This is less about the wardrobe and more on how much time/effort/money you spend on it. If the first thing people will say about you when you die is: “He was so well dressed.” Well then, what the hell?

oregon trail perspective / Dappered.com

Musta been the dysentery.