10 Best Bets for $75 or Less – Bastian’s Polos, Suede Boots, & More.

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Seventy Five dollars. That’s a lot of money. It’ll get you a couple pairs of Levi’s, a nice dinner out, or a couple months at your local gym. Seventy Five dollars. It is a lot of money, especially if you spend it right. Ten picks follow, all for $75 or under, and some of them are much, much less.


1. Target Mossimo Athletic Fit Polos – $9.99 (14.99)

New Target Polos on Dappered.com

First, the bad news: these are NOT the exact same Mossimo 60% cotton / 40% poly jersey polos they were selling a few years back. Now, the good news: they’re still pretty darn good for ten bucks. Aside from the pocket, the other major differences from the old, well loved version would be a slightly heavier, ribbed material at the collar and cuffs. The previous 60/40 incarnation didn’t have that. They feel a little thicker, but not by much. Some will like these new polos better, some will like them less. Fit is still nice and trim. Sizes above are both medium.


2. GAP Leather & Cotton Belts –$17.47 @ 30% off ($24.95)

GAP mixed media belts on Dappered.com

Warmer temperatures usually mean a little less leather, and a little more cotton/canvas on your feet & around your waist. These belts get the best of both materials by throwing leather at the buckle, with a cotton web around the sides and back. On the casual side, and should look great with jeans & a polo. Should do just fine with shorts when the time comes too.


3. Amazon Prime – $79 per year ($99 on March 20th)

Amazon Prime

So it’s not quite $75 or less, but still. By now you’ve probably heard that Amazon is raising the price on their “Prime” annual membership to $99. But that doesn’t happen until Thursday. As long as you start your 30 day free trial by March 20th, you can lock in the lower rate of $79 a year ($6.58 / month) for your first year. Along with the streaming videos and Kindle lending library, you get free expedited shipping as long as Amazon is fulfilling your order. And that is HUGE for plenty of us.

No more running across town to a big box store for a new beard trimmer (because your old one crapped out on you), your next batch of protein powder(because you’re trying to meet some new goals) or… a latex Emperor Penguin mask (because… don’t ask). Prime gets it to you in two days (although some complained recently it’s been taking longer) at no extra charge. Right. Unlimited 2-day shipping for the entire year. Some question if you’d really use Amazon that much to justify a $79, or soon to be $99 fee. For some of us, it’d be worth $130. But don’t tell Jeff Bezos that.


4. UNIQLO x Michael Bastian Polos – $22.90

Michael Bastian U Polos on Dappered.com

Bit of a false start with these yesterday, as a glitch kept the men’s sizes off the site for a bit, but they’re up now. These sold out wildly fast last time, so,good luck to you. Obviously these are more fashion-forward, especially with the retro Johnny-collar option. A few more styles and colors are apparently on their way with a launch date of 4/14. Hat tip to Ritesh for the heads up about these going on sale.


5. Totes Wood-Stick Umbrella – $20.00

Totes Wooden Stick Umbrella on Dappered.com

Despite much of the northern hemisphere STILL getting hammered with snow… that snow will turn to rain at some point. And when it comes to style + function, it’s hard to beat the Totes Wood-Stick (formerly known as “the gentleman’s”) umbrella. Canopy is decent sized. You’ll have to huddle a little if it’s you and a date underneath… but is that so bad? Crook handle is easy to hang over your arm if you’re on public transportation, or, just need an extra hand free. Have had two of these for going on six years and they’ve held up quite well.


6. J. Crew MacAlister Brickman Chukka in Grey Suede – $76.80 w/ EXTRA40 ($148)

MacAlister Brickman on Dappered.com

Not quite under $75 once again, but they’re $76.80 for the PAIR. (Usually, if we’re blurring the line in the best bets for <$75, it’s usually one shoe for under $75. You get both here.) Part of J. Crew’s latest Extra % off sale items code: EXTRA40. One of the few new arrivals to the sale section. Hugely versatile, especially since they’ve swapped out the crepe desert sole for a smoother red rubber option. Made in Italy. More on grey suede chukkas over here.


7. Elbow: The Takeoff and Landing of Everything – $10.00

elbow 2014 on Dappered.com

Elbow is awfully good at making music that’s pretty close to perfect for spending an evening at home making dinner with a date. Their latest album, “The Take Off and Landing of Everything” is very… them. Mellow, without cheese that’ll put you to sleep. No sleepy cheese. Drowsy-fromage-less. Even if it’s not your own personal cup of tea, it’s hard not to respect a band that has stayed together, with the same lineup, for something like two decades.


8. UNIQLO Cord Lane Slim Fit Jacket – $69.90

uniqlo cordlane jacket on Dappered.com

Pair it with some white or off-white pants for a less-fortunate-man’s seersucker/derby party look. Half lined which is a huge plus. 100% cotton shell.


9. Mercanti Fiorentini Driving Loafer – $69.95

DSW drivers on Dappered.com

Hey now. That contrast penny-like strap and edge injects a little unexpected sehkzay into an otherwise plain ol’ driver. Super sleek looking. Brazilian made? That’s a lot of shoes! (sorry). Ships free as long as you’re on their email list and use SHIPR.


10. Timex Expedition “Scout” – $43.96

Timex Scout on Dappered.com

New from Timex. An outdoorsy/rugged look at an almost weekender-slip-thru-like price. A perfect on many wrists 40mm in diameter. Indiglo, 24 hour sub dial, and water resistant to 50m. The case happens to be brass, so hopefully it’s got a similar substantial feel as the Timex brass case chrono. Three dial/strap combos available. Ships fast and free if you’ve got Amazon Prime.

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