Style Scenario: Valentine’s Day – Out on the Town

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and three scenarios (going out, staying in, and staying in solo) will be tackled. Before you make those reservations, weigh the advantages as well as the disadvantages of dinner out on Valentine’s. Now, when it comes to the simplicity of this outfit, some will find it boring. But it might be a good idea to take a step back from the #WIWT trends, and keep it simple & sharp for a romantic night out. You’re dressing for yourself and your date. Not the judges of some magazine fashion contest.


Style Scenario: Valentine's Day out by


The Suit: Suitsupply Napoli Dark Grey Super 110s – $399 So many of us don’t have a daily (or even weekly) reason to wear a suit. This is a great opportunity to just that. Weather it’s a cheap Claiborne or something more pricey like the new Suitsupply $399 line, break it out for your date. And remember, you’re going out and having fun. Not sitting in a board meeting. So skip the big pinstripes, super conservative footwear, or other items that might make you look like you just came from the office.

The Shirt: Nordstrom Trim Fit in Pink – $49.50 Or whatever pink or red micro pattern shirt you might have. Yes, Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark Holiday. So embrace the saccharine side with a pink shirt. Go for pale pink, not saturated, and skipping the tie is totally up to you.

The Pocket Square: TheTieBar Flannel Light Grey Herringbone – $8.00 It’s still very much winter, but we’re headed towards spring. So a lighter grey on top of the charcoal suit works, plus the flannel cotton keeps the texture seasonal.

The Tie: TheTieBar Silk Knit – $15.00 A favorite of 007, and the knit texture (instead of a standard woven silk) helps you stay away from the office look. 

The Card Case: Coach Thompson Card Case in Colorblock – $98.00 Expensive, but the black/brown/tan colorblocking ensures it’ll go with anything. Skip the billfold when suited and instead opt for a card case in a front inside jacket pocket.

The Watch: Bulova 96B104 – $109.95 A romantic night out is an opportunity to look like you seep class from your pores. And there’s hardly a classier, cleaner looking watch for the price than Bulova’s super simple 96B104. A favorite for plenty.

The Belt: Stafford Reversible belt – $18.75 ($25) There are higher quality belts out there, for sure, but this one certainly nails it on styling.

The Portable Inclement Weather Shelter: Totes Gents Umbrella – $17 – $20 The weather can turn to crap particularly quickly this time of year. So along with your chosen outwear, make sure you take one of these if the weather calls for rain, sleet, snow, etc… It’ll give you and your date an opportunity to huddle up close under the canopy.

The Quick Currency: Cash $40 – $100 For the valet, the coat check person, or to tip your server. Plenty of us use plastic almost all of the time, but carrying cash is a sign of preparedness.

The Boots: Jack Erwin Ike – $210.00 These Blake Stitched interwebs wunder shoe kids just landed $2 million in funding to expand. And that support was well earned. Full grain leathers and trim silhouettes make these stitched sole shoes well built while still sexy. Protect your ankles with their Ike, or go cheaper with a pair of chelseas like these from H&M. Slim boots with a suit = one more bit of personality when you’re keeping the palate and patterns subdued.

Your turn guys. Do you keep it simple when out at night? Or do you mix in lots of colors & patterns no matter the time, occasion, or company? Leave it all in the comments below. Top Photo Credit