Style Scenario: Valentine’s Day – Alone. Solo. At home.

Yeaaah. What's up. Solo-couch-rollin'. Respect.

What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and three scenarios (going out, staying in, and staying in solo) have now been tackled. Single this Valentine’s? Want to avoid the love drunk (or just plain drunk) masses since it falls on a Friday? Might be a good night to saddle up to the sofa and take it very easy. Top photo credit

Style Scenario Valetines Day 2014 all alone so alone by

The Sweater: J. Crew Cashmere Crewneck – $149.99 ($225). Treat. Yo. Self. (Also, if it sticks around in the sale section, it’ll dip to $104 during the next 30% off sale items code. Final sale though.)

The Jeans: GAP 1969 boot fit jeans in medium authentic wash – $38.97 ($59.50)Oh, like YOU don’t have a pair of well worn, super comfortable, BOOT cut jeans lurking in the back of your closet. No? Really? Child please. They’re there. And we all know it. Wear those.

The T-Shirt: Mossimo Athletic Fit – $9.99. A cotton poly blend in an athletic fit at a bargain of a price. Still one of the better basics deals out there.

The Watch: Seiko Monster – $172.00Quite possibly the best, toughest, meanest super-casual automatics out there. IF… you don’t mind large diameters. It’s got some chunk that one.

The Movie: Ocean’s Eleven – $8.49. Something with a strong, clever as hell, male lead who’s fine flying solo, but there might be a (big) love interest in there somewhere too. Iron Man works as well.

The Refreshment: Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye. Big flavor, yet still crisp and clean. It’s an IPA but it’s not a palate destroyer. Lots of flavors. Like, all the flavors (malt, an herbal sorta thing too, has a little sugar & citrus stickiness that dissipates quickly, plus that familiar rye bite.) And somehow they all play well together. 6.6% ABV. Widely available. A great late winter beer.

The Belt: Jomers Made in the USA ‘Sagamore’ – $20.00. Cotton with Italian leather trim. Ships free too.

The Boots: Clark’s Desert in Grey Suede – $99.96Comfortable for around the house, plenty fine to wear out to a bar or other casual establishment. More grey suede options over here.

The Unsolicited Advice: If you can’t find a way to ever be happy with only your thoughts for company, then you’ll never truly be happy in a relationship. Better to be single and smart than stupidly shacked up for the sake of having companionship.