Style Scenario: The Serious(ly fun) Business Lunch

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. No matter your line of work, the ultimate goal is to call your own shots. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the boss, but it does mean your colleagues respect you to the point where they trust you to make your own decisions (stylistically and otherwise). This outfit reflects that freedom, the fun you can have when you get there, all while still maintaining a clean “some guys I take seriously tell me you’re a serious guy” aesthetic. Now go make plans to grab lunch with friends. Top Photo: J. Downing


Style Scenario: Business mixed with Pleasure Lunch by


The Suit: J. Crew Factory Thompson Wool/Poly Jacket & Pant – $276Look for something with a little more depth than a plain, solid charcoal business suit. Maybe a stripe, or a herringbone, or like the JCF Wool/Poly option, a bit of flecking or marling. Since you’re combining it with a solid shirt, a suit with a slight pattern adds some visual interest. For the JCF Thompson, wait until the duo drops below $200.

The Shirt: ratio/clothing Light Blue Classic Pinpoint – $89Not cheap, but goal worthy. These are the Made in the USA custom shirts that don’t require you to measure every last square inch of your torso. Go with their semi-spread, and if you go tieless quite a bit, make a note on your order to have them lower the second button by .5″. That way, you can undo just one button, and get just enough of the placket open without having it drift too far open.

The Pocket Square: TheTieBar Cotton Navy Gingham – $8.00Just something to break it up and add a little character.

The Collar Assist: Wurkin’ Stiffs w/ covered buttons – $36 total. The pair of light blue covered magnets could probably stand to be a little lighter, but they do blend in more than the standard magnets. These really make tieless look terrific.

The Watch: Emporio Armani ‘Meccanico’ Power Reserve Watch – $226.94Don’t automatically take a pass on rectangular case watches. You don’t need a Cartier level bank account to scrounge up something similar in style. Automatic movement on this one with a power reserve indicator. Mean.

The Belt: Remo Tulliani ‘Lido’ Glazed Leather Belt – $49.50.  1 3/8″ wide, made in the USA, and well reviewed. Ships & returns free via Nordstrom.

The Sunglasses: Randolph Engineering Intruders – $65.63 w/ EMY14 ($139). Had no idea that STP had a few different REs in their arsenal. The Intruders have slightly different/larger lenses and a bridge that’s not nearly as spaced out as the AO Original Pilots. Something to consider. Black frames keep the shine down. Codes gets you 25% off no minimum, but STP runs lots of codes, so you could possibly get these for less. Made in the USA.

The Wallet: Mitchell Leather Money Clip Wallet in Horween Chromexel – $79.00. A slim wallet + money clip, all in one, that has the clip on the inside. So, less bulk. Made in the USA. Cowhide options start at $49. And no, you don’t have to match your wallet leather to your shoe/belt leathers.

The Socks: B.R. Jersey Socks – $10.50Always on sale and great free-shipping threshold tippers. Not super thin dress socks, yet still fine (& awfully comfortable). Close enough of a match to the pants to elongate your legs.

The Bag: Buxton DOPP Leather Brief – $149.00One day, something higher quality, but for now? Hard to beat this leather (it’s great) at this price. Sold by the flash-sale-site Jackthreads. Returns are for store credit only.

The Drink: Martini, Gin w/ a lemon twist. Stirred. Some bosses/clients would absolutely freak the hell out if they had lunch with someone who (gasp) ordered an alcoholic beverage with their meal. Be respectful of those around you, but if you’re a responsible adult that likes to imbibe every so often? Stick to one. Okay, maybe, MAYBE two. (Why stirred? Plenty over shake a drink and you end up with more shards of ice than necessary.)

The Shoes: Allen Edmonds Neumora – $197.60 ($345). An extra 20% off through today, 2/24. Sizes are going (gone?) fast. Review here. Consider going down half a size.