Quick Picks: Allen Edmonds Extra 20% off Clearance

UPDATE: Now an extra 20% off?

Allen Edmonds Late Winter Clearance

The latest Allen Edmonds 2nds Quality Sale wraps up today (here’s how that type of sale works, via Reddit), but if you struck out on the 2nds quality stuff, it might be time to revisit the Allen Edmonds Clearance section. A few new options recently got dumped in there, and it’s worth a quick look. All picks below had a decent size selection at post time

UPDATE: And poof, like that, overnight, they knock an extra 20% off clearance at checkout. Scout’s honor didn’t know that was coming. Worth a call to customer service if you ordered something yesterday. Many thanks to Riley for sending in the tip early this morning (2/19), and for also confirming that customer service will price-match if you give them a quick call.


Park Avenue in Walnut Grain Calf – $227.00 $181.60 ($335)

Park Ave Grain / Dappered.com

A rare one. Available online only. Lots of sizes but it looks like for many sizes & width combos they’re going to be made to order, and thus, there’ll be an 8 week turnaround time.


Hale in Black Calf – $237.00 $189.60 ($345)

hale dress  ox

For a good long while, these were down to just a couple of sizes. Now, it looks like they’re making most if not all sizes, as long as you can wait the 8 weeks it’ll take. That’s a LOT of dress shoe, for just under $190. One of the better deals seen in awhile.


Neumora Double Monk in Black – $247.00 $197.60 ($345)

Black Neumora on Dappered.com

Guess what’s back. The Chisel Toe Haters were happy to see the Neumora go (and frankly, nobody argues about the toe on the Mora 2.0) but at $100 off they’re a solid deal. The toe really isn’t that sharp in person. In fact, some might like that slight chisel on the no nonsense black option. Looks fantastic with all kinds of suits when going tieless. Consider going down a half size. Full review on these things over here.


McTavish in Smokey Grey Leather – $147.00 $117.60 ($295)

grey mctavish on Dappered.com

The Zombie McAlister (hat tip to Shomas for that original nickname) has returned. It’s a roughed wingtip Oxford (the McTavish model) in a smokey grey. Black welt is a little too visually thick for some, but it does blend in a bit more in person. Now under a hundred fifty bucks. Far from a home run for everyone.


Elgin Cap Toe Oxfords in Saddle Waxy Leather – $197 $157.60 ($295)


More of a spring/summer dress, or year round casual in a more dressed up form. A bit like a casual Friday Strand. Awfully close to the just introduced “Rush Street“, and only $125 less (although the Chromexcel leather on the Rush Street sure looks fantastic). Both the Elgin and Rush Street are built on the 65 last, which is the same last the Strand is built on.


Carson City Boots – $197.00 $157.60 ($350)

Carson City Casual on Dappered.com

Like someone threw a Dalton on a Hoverboard. Sadly, these don’t actually hover. At least, pretty sure they don’t. YMMV.


Player’s Shoe in Walnut Burnished Calf – $227.00 $181.60 ($335)

AE's Players on Dappered.com

A derby wingtip that’s a favorite for plenty. Does seem to show up at some Nordstrom Racks from time to time. Looks mighty good with grey trousers and a navy blazer.


Player’s Shoe in Sand or Bittersweet Chocolate Suede – $227 $181.60 ($335)

Players in Suede on Dappered.com

Seems like these would have dipped a bit further than the walnut calf, but the chocolate suede option should be pretty versatile. Still a lot to pay for a suede derby.


Promontory Point Cap Toe Boot – $197.00 $157.60 ($350)

Promontory Pebbled on Dappered.com

These seem to have gone over like a lead football with the general public, yet still tempting to some of us. But what do they really look like? Football pebbled leather, thick laces, and a Dainite rubber sole. Getting close to the time of year when you start shelving your boots for more 60 degrees + up appropriate footwear.

So back to the Factory Outlet 2nds sale… How’d everyone do? Happy with what you got? Did you not find what you were looking for in your size? Leave it all in the comments below…