J. Press York Street up to 75% off Sale

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J. Press York Street FINAL SALE Blowout

Like 63-year-old-Jay Leno stepping aside for a 39-year-old (and younger seeming) Jimmy Fallon, Heritage brands & retailers with an aging customer base have tried, hard, to young-up these last few years. Look at Red Fleece by Brooks Brothers. Or even the Wooster experiment with JC Penney. And like some late-night transitions, some go better… and some go much worse than others.

J. Press has been around since the Wright Brothers were skittering about the skies. But their younger leaning line, “York Street” hasn’t been around that long at all. And the speculation is that York Street might be going the way of Conan.

Prices have been slashed. So much so that it appears that it’s all final sale. Any items discounted by more than 25% “are not refundable and will only be considered for a size/color exchange or a store credit.” Shipping appears to be steep, especially if you’re just getting something inexpensive. Major thanks to reader Ben R. for the tip on this one…


Their website has gone a bit goofy on this one. Items are coming & going from sale, stock is all over the place, etc… looks like their web team is having a busy Monday morning. Good luck fellas.


Eastland Cap Toe Made in Maine Loden Green Boots – $131.25 ($525)

Eastland Cap Toe Loden Boots / Dappered.com

Made in the USA and… green. Horween leather, but green. Still an awfully good price for a pair of well-made boots with (obvious) character.  Also available in an eyebrow raising “multi” scheme.


Hanson Triple Pleat Sportcoat in Moss Green – $210 ($525)

Shooting jacket / Dappered.com

Putting the sport(ing) in sportcoat. All wool and unstructured. Double barrel shotgun not included.


Hanson Triple Pleat Sportcoat in Golden Wheat Moleskin – $131.25 ($525)

Moleskin Hunting Jacket / Dappered.com

Same as above, only in cotton moleskin. Sold in exact chest sizes.


Made in Scotland Shaggy (Mr. Boombastic!) Dog Sweaters – $61.25 ($245)

shaggy dog sweaters / Dappered.com

Now let me hit you off with this question sign: Perhaps the star of the sale?  Available in the bi-color + blue shown above, plus a lighter charcoal, and a navy with yellow arm stripes.


Side Stripe Herringbone Scarf in Green/Gold or Navy/Burgundy – $30.00 ($120)

herringbone scarves / Dappered.com

Phil did see his shadow, so Winter may be sticking around for a bit. Great use of colors and pattern on these things. 95% cotton and 5% cashmere.


Recycled Denim Weekender Bag – $87.50 ($350)

denim weekender / Dappered.com

Hand made in Japan from recycled denim. On the small side for sure. 18″ x 13″ x 7.5″ = just 1755 cubic inches of space, so don’t expect to make it a long weekend unless you pack real light.


Holmes Quilted Sportcoat in Navy or Green – $112.50 ($450)

Quilted Blazers / Dappered.com

Season transition outerwear for the blazer addicts amongst us. All poly, 3/2 roll front, and elbow patches.


Quilted Sporting Rugby-Hunter Green – $36.25 ($145)

york street rugby / Dappered.com

One way to relax (or play) yet not look like you’ve got the flu. Reminiscent of the old Ralph Lauren quilted shoulder/chest rugby shirts, only this one has minimal branding (the 1902 on the hem). Quilted elbows as well. All cotton.


Classic Wool/Cashmere Topcoat in Grey or Navy – $245.00 ($980)

topcoats / Dappered.com

Limited information on these, but they could be a steal depending on construction & fabric mix. Ticket pocket, two perfect for winter shades, and a classic to the knee length.


Ring Belt in Blackwatch Plaid or Herringbone – $24.50 ($98)

wool belts / Dappered.com

Yep. Ninety eight bucks was their original asking price. That’s a lot. But these things do the summer-casual belt thing for the other three seasons quite well. 100% wool. Made in the USA. Also available in a tan herringbone.


Grosgrain Belt in Gold/Navy, Green Multi, Navy/Burgundy, or Orange Multi – $22.25 ($89)

york street ribbon belts / Dappered.com

Speaking of warm weather belts…


Branford Signature Navy Plaid Sportcoat – $245 ($980)

plaid wool blazer / Dappered.com

All of their blazers look cropped if not chopped, so even with the massive discount, the final sale-ness makes this pretty risky. All wool and made in the USA though.


Stripe Cuff Alpaca Hat or Cotton/Cashmere Herringbone Hat – $19.75 ($79)

york street winter headgear / Dappered.com

Same price, two very different hats. All alpaca with a pom pom on top, or the 95% cotton / 5% cashmere herringbone w/ navy/burgundy stripe cuff.


Vintage Reverse Sweatshirt in Green or Light Grey – $33.75 ($135)

vintage sweatshirts / Dappered.com

Something to wear while getting a job done and now at a price you can feel comfortable enough at to wear while getting a job done. Chest pocket. 100% cotton terry. Go chop some wood.


Block Stripe Merino Wool Shawl Collar Sweater – $68.75 ($275)

merino shawl / Dappered.com

Any Wolverines in the audience? Blue Hens? 100% Merino wool. Probably not many of these shipping to Columbus.


Thermal Arm-Stripe Henley – $33.75 ($135)

York Arm Stripe Henley / Dappered.com

Most certainly belongs over here. Thermal waffle pattern to the cotton body, with two red stripes around the left arm.


Wharton Navy Corduroy Sportcoat – $131.25 ($525)

blue cord sportcoat / Dappered.com

Interesting looking buttons on this thing. They look like a warm brass, but don’t appear to have much if any etching or detail to them? Can’t really tell.


Irving “Casual” Moleskin Suit in Grey or Indigo – $318.00 ($795)

moleskin suits / Dappered.com

Moleskin is a favorite fabric of many. Sorta like velvet without the shine, moleskin is a cotton fabric with a soft texture. The nap isn’t nearly as deep as velvet, yet it’s super soft and plenty warm. If you wouldn’t wear a corduroy suit because you think it’d look a little too 70’s and/or trendy, moleskin might be the next step back from that ledge. Different, but not so immediately noticeable.

Anyone have experience with J. Press and York Street? Leave it all below. Also, at checkout, you get this notification: IMPORTANT NOTICE: From January 15th through February 10th, 2014, order processing may be delayed much longer than usual due to inventory moving…We apologize for the inconvenience. Merchandise shown may not be available in all sizes. If an ordered item is not in stock, you will be notified via email. So you might order something, only for it to not be in stock, and then they’ll contact you after the purchase?