J. Crew Extra 40% off Sale Items

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BIG40 = Extra 40% off J. Crew Sale Items 

J. Crew Sale events like this one are always a bit of a moving target. The Friday before last they were running a 50% off sale items code. But the size selection for almost all of those sale items = nada. It was the worst size selection in recent memory. But now, this extra 40% off BIG40 code is happening during a restock of sizes AND an infusion of plenty of tempting new-to- sale items.

Warning: There are a LOT of “final” sale items hanging about this time. Final sale items mean = no returns. But as is usually the case, despite the graphics implying that the code works solely on those final sale items, they work on returnable, regular sale as well. Sizes can go quick, but unless otherwise noted, picks below are limited to items with at least a decent size selection at post time.


Single Button Ticket Pocket Pima Cotton Ludlow Blazer – $209.99 ($398)

single button pima

Was lucky enough to catch this in store, and at first grope, I honestly thought it was wool. It’s not. Instead, it’s a super soft,Italian Pima cotton. About as far from chino as cotton can feel. Real luxurious. Just a single button here, and combined with the ticket pocket it’s a bit more rakish. But the subtle herringbone pattern should go great with jeans. Dual vent. Ships free, and doesn’t appear to be final sale yet. 36, 38, 40,  and a few more sizes available at post time too. This one seems to be coming and going from the sale section, and last week, it didn’t seem to be there.


Ludlow Topcoat in Herringbone English Wool – $191.40 ($475)

herringbone topcoat

Nice price. And the herringbone pattern means that it’ll stand out a bit even if you’re wearing it over a solid charcoal suit. Moon Mills Wool from the UK. And don’t think of it as a “I can only wear this when I’m dressed up coat.” Wear it with everything.


Brushed Twill Button Down in Mini-Herringbone – $35.99 (475)

brushed twill herringbone

Three picks so far, all three with herringbone. But this one is a tiny, micro-herringbone on a soft brushed twill. A casual shirt for sure, but one of those not-quite flannels you’ll reach for when the weather turns extra crisp. Just Large, XL, and XXL available at post time.


Slim Vintage Oxford in grey stripe – $38.70 ($69.50)

slim stripe ox

A casual, super versatile OCBD in a lighter looking “mineral” grey stripe. Plus it’s in their slimmer fit. Huge plus there for many.


Alpaca Shawl Collar Sweater – $77.99 FINAL ($148)

Alpaca Shawl

Nice marled navy color, a wool/acrylic/alpaca blend, and a shawl collar/keep-the-neck-warm style. A hooded sweatshirt, minus the bulky hood. Final sale though, so no returns.


Ludlow Elbow Patch Sportcoat in Colburn English Tweed – $143.99 FINAL ($348)

Tweed with elbow patches

Dang. Nice price. But it’s final sale. Moon Mills, English Tweed too.


Ludlow Double Vent Sportcoat in Italian Herringbone Wool – $179.99 ($328)

Italian Herringbone

Honestly, between this and the tweed above, this is probably a safer play. An extra $40, yes, but these aren’t final sale at post time. That, and J. Crew’s Italian wool sportcoats seem to be more flexible than their English wool counterparts. The navy ticket pocket Moon Mills Sportcoat (also on sale, but limited for sizes) is blanket thick. Tough to wear when the temps hit 50.


Rustic Merino Wool Elbow Patch Striped Sweater – $59.99 ($128)

button rustic sweater

Some just don’t like the buttons on the neck. They’re a pretty traditional detail, but a handful of guys think they look feminine. Nah… wear it casually and they’ll blend in easily. Elbow patches are a nice touch too. Also available in the earth-tone “mushroom”.


Broadmoor Quilted Vest – $59.99 FINAL ($138)

broadmoor vest

Good for those late winter/early spring light hikes where 20 minutes in you wish you didn’t have sleeves on your jacket (funny how a vest comes in handy at those precise moments). Far from bulky, but still quilted with a small amount of loft. Button tabs at the back give it a more fitted look and feel. Final sale.


Wool/Cashmere Waffle Sweater – $47.99 FINAL ($98)

waffle sweater

The perfect mid-point between a sweater and a sweatshirt. There’s plenty of times where you want to layer up and look decent, but you’re still just getting a beer with a pal, or watching a movie at home. Crewneck + the waffle texture + the Wool/viscose/nylon/cashmere/rabbit hair fabric walks that line. There’s also a colorblock option, but sizes are moving quick on those.


Cashmere V-Neck – $101.99 FINAL ($225)

Cashmere Vs

Some of us just won’t ever find the markup on cashmere over merino wool to be worth the (hugely) greater cost, but there are guys that just love their cashmere. Fair enough. More than a couple colors and a good size selection to pick from here on J. Crew’s flagship cashmere sweater. Also available in slim, but sizes & colors are real limited.


Vintage Cord in Slim-Straight – $24.99 FINAL ($75)

slim straight cords

More than a few color options here, but sizes are all over the place. Slim-Straight is “straight through hip & thigh with a narrow leg“. But, if you’ve got calves, you might feel like you’re in tube socks socks instead of pants from the knee down. Final sale too. Tread carefully.


Double Breasted Topcoat in English Wool – $419.99 ($895)

JCrew Officers Coat

Good Lord. That’s a lot of coat. It is end-of-season coat clearance time, and this one is now half off. Cut from English Fox Mills wool with leather covered buttons. A major investment, but the kind of thing that’ll probably feel like a flexible (& warm) suit of armor when you put it on.


Wallace & Barnes Wool Skiff Jacket – $95.99 FINAL ($248)

skiff jackets

Hard to get more classic than that.  Thinsulate equipped options available as well. No returns though.


The Name’s Bond. Broke Bond: Ludlow Shawl Tux Jacket & Pant – $644 ($790)

broke bond

Just the pants are on sale. Jacket is still $525 (!?!). But, it’s still some kind of discount on a midnight blue shawl collar tux. Pant waists are starting to drift into the slim/skinny-guys only category.

The Extra 40% off Sale items code BIG40 doesn’t expire until this Tuesday, 2/25… so there very well could be more items added to the sale section over the next few days. Once again, keep an eye out for “final” sale items, which you can’t return.