In search of Morpheus, the truth about OJ, and the river of oh-hell-no.

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Iconic album covers rendered in digital Lego Blocks. My current tumblr obsession.

SO MUCH FOR THAT SMILEY FACE: This study will probably not make a certain family in Bentonvilled Arkansas very happy.

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING? This would seem to take the wind out of a lot of the hullaballoo surrounding Michael Sam’s recent announcement.

DO YOU WANT THE RED PILL OR THE BLUE? Well, uh, dang. What if? Also, this.



One of Dappered’s favorite artists shows how one of his paintings came to be.

THE POWER OF MARKETING: You probably already know about this, but in the case that you didn’t, here. Haven’t touched the stuff in forever.

THE REPUBLIC OF FACEPALMISTAN: This. And this. Don’t shoot the messenger.

OH THAT’S NASTY: River. Of. Pooh.


New York Yankees Spring Training

It would seem that someone is super ready for some baseball. Photo credit Charles Wenzelberg.

THE POLITICS OF PANDORA: It thinks it knows yours.  I have to believe there is going to be a great deal of misdirected advertising. And an even greater amount of cheesed off users.

SCIENTIFIC PHRASE OF THE WEEK: Trophic Cascade. This is something.


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