In Review: The Express Suede Wingtip

Too early for Summer shoes? Not when they're $65.

EXPRESS Suede Wingtips – $64.80 ($108.00)

That sale price is due to their 40% off everything President’s Day sale. Promotion runs through 2/17. 

Many guys don’t skimp on shoes because they see them as a long term investment. But what if you only wear a certain pair, maybe 20% – 25% of the year? That can be the case with summer-style shoes. Lighter colored bucks and that sort of thing. Some still won’t skimp on quality, but if you do, it’ll be hard to do better than the $65 (at 40% off) price tag on the Express Suede Wingtip Oxford.

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Yes, these are technically a derby, but they’re dressy enough for a summer suit. Lightweight but far from flimsy, the suede feels sturdy and soft, the eyelets are reinforced underneath the eyelet flaps, and the welt, while most certainly glued, has faux stitching around the edge that looks pretty darn good. Toe shape and proportions are just fine. They’re not super sleek, but most summer shoes aren’t. Some bucks and suede spring/summer footwear have Kleenex-Box like silhouettes. Thankfully, these don’t.They’re comfortable, and while the sole is a bit on the thicker side, it doesn’t stand out in a clunky way as say, the soles on the double monks from 1901 seem to.

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Express has a (huge) tendency to overbrand, but thankfully that’s not the case here. No little lion, no ever present EXPRESS logo. Just a tonal mention on the underside of the sole. Fit feels to be true to size, and while the laces feel incredibly cheap, they do provide two pairs in each box (one matching, one brighter color like the blue that came with these).

They do look a little warmer (some beige hues?) in person, but can look downright grey in much light, as seen in these pics. The color seen here is “chalk”, and while they’re available in two other color schemes, but you’ll want to stick with these.

Throw a derby party. Splash some of a mint julep on them. Wear them throughout the summer sockless with shorts. Beat the crap out of them. Best part is your checkbook won’t weep while you do.

In Review: The Express Suede Wingtip on